Director's Notes

One of the pleasures of working with OLLI is the interest, care and
concern members often show for one another and for the OLLI staff. It is
with this in mind that I share some sad news. Our colleague of many
years, Joseph McAuliffe, lost his mother Millie on February 13 of this
year.–Ara Rogers      (more…)


OLLI Policy is now maintained in a “wiki” at  It can always be accessed via the OLLI POLICY link in the sidebar.     (more…)

Informer is available to OLLI faculty for reviewing their student registrations.


Hurrah! We won’t have to report our volunteer hours any more!


OLLI is now able to give full refunds if students call to cancel at least 5 days in advance of the class start date. If they call to cancel within 5 days of the start date there is an administrative fee (aka: penalty fee) of $15, but they’d get the class fee back as a refund.


The Fall 2011 Member and Volunteer News is available here.

OLLI’s Back-to-School Open House was held September 13 at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. (more…)

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