Did You Know?

The FBI disclosed that it spent $1 million to unlock the iPhone 5 of the San Bernardino terrorists, not counting the expense of its court battle with Apple. And apparently, the feds found nothing of any use on the phone.

“60 minutes” demonstrated how easily this can be done. Read about it here


HP printers suddenly stop working, so what’s going on? Read all about it in Bob Rankin’s article, and the supporting comments, here

If so, take a look at these five tips for researchers:  Five Tips

This article could save you money:      Click here

What you get from subscription services — and then there are free services. Check out Bob Rankin’s review here

Speech-to-text has been around for years for a fee, but now you can use it for free with google docs. Useful for carpal tunnel syndrome and impaired vision. Find out how at Bob Rankin’s survey: http://tinyurl.com/zpcz72r


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