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Wal-mart wants to give you shopping carts that follow you around the store and to your car, and helps you find items on your shopping list. Tests are underway in selected stores.

To see how easy it is for your money to be stolen, check here




Incandescent light bulbs are poised for a comeback as MIT scientists have created bulbs that use 3 times less electricity than LEDs and radiate light virtually indistinguishable from sunlight…  Bob Rankin

The FBI disclosed that it spent $1 million to unlock the iPhone 5 of the San Bernardino terrorists, not counting the expense of its court battle with Apple. And apparently, the feds found nothing of any use on the phone.

“60 minutes” demonstrated how easily this can be done. Read about it here


HP printers suddenly stop working, so what’s going on? Read all about it in Bob Rankin’s article, and the supporting comments, here

If so, take a look at these five tips for researchers:  Five Tips

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