Volunteer Opportunities at OLLI-USF

Want to become involved in your OLLI? Please return a copy of OLLI’s Volunteer Application to the OLLI office. You’ll find the application here: http://bit.ly/ollivol

VOLUNTEER POWER FUELS OLLI-USF. Member-volunteers contribute the time, energy and effort that run this learning community. Benefits of volunteering include:

• forging new friendships with other member-volunteers,

• meaningful work and recognition for your contributions,

• a volunteer parking permit,

• the good feeling that comes with knowing you are making a difference in this community.

INSTRUCTIONAL VOLUNTEERS assist in OLLI’s classrooms, and are assigned by class according to your schedule.

  • Class  Assistants —manage the administration of OLLI’s liberal arts courses.  Assistants track class attendance, distribute and collect course evaluations, and distribute information about upcoming events.  A short-term, easy yet invaluable task! Contact: Joseph McAuliffe 
  • Coaches—assist OLLI faculty in the computer classroom.  You don’t need to be a computer expert, just familiar with the basic subject matter and able to take direction well.  You will be helping OLLI members find their way around our computers, keeping them from falling behind or getting lost.  We need reliable, patient and ‘hands-off’ help here. Contact: Heidi Bauer

NON-INSTRUCTIONAL Volunteer Opportunities – OLLI’s Standing Committees

Committee appointments under OLLI-USF will be for one-two years. Leader names and contact info are on the reverse.

  • DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – This is OLLI’s fundraising arm. We are seeking business, foundation and even member support to help sustain this organization for the long term. If you have fundraising experience or an interest in learning more about fundraising, we’d love to have you on this committee. Contact: Ann Reid 
  • VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE – Members of this committee will help us recruit, orient and recognize OLLI volunteers. A service orientation toward our valuable volunteers is essential here. Members of this committee might also volunteer in the OLLI offices; provide technical support to our instructors; and/or train class assistants or computer coaches. Contact: Ray Ann Favata 
  • MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Help us find and attract members, orient them, and keep them informed about OLLI-USF. We need volunteers who are outgoing, enthusiastic, positive and enjoy talking to individuals and groups about OLLI. An interest in service to our members will come in handy here. Committee members may focus on one of several areas: member recruiting, member orientation/retention, member communications (OLLI publications and/or www.ollilifeusf.org), or building a more inclusive OLLI. Contact: Ara Rogers 
  • STRATEGIC AND ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE – Someone needs to keep their fingers on the pulse of this organization to ensure it is working in a healthy manner. Members of this committee will evaluate OLLI-USF’s strengths and opportunities and suggest ways to take advantage of these. They will also help us mitigate OLLI’s weaknesses and challenges and develop succession plans for our organization. You should have an interest in what we can learn from other Lifelong Learning Institutes and similar organizations, be a “big picture” person, have experience in human resources or organizational development . . . or an interest in learning more about these. Contact: Patricia Renfroe 
  • SOCIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE – Members on this committee develop OLLI’s fun and social side. Help plan and organize a variety of events to entice our members to get to know one another better, build friendships, develop their social selves! The committee acts as hosts at Open Houses and organizes social events. Members who enjoy planning, arranging and hosting parties and events will enjoy this committee. Members should be available to plan and participate in these activities. Contact: MaruLou Crawford 
  • CURRICULUM COMMITTEE – Use your personal network (or just your charm and perseverance) to help us recruit and retain new and talented OLLI faculty. This committee will help OLLI develop classes in less well represented subject areas, stretch into new areas (such as educational trips and other non-course offerings), help and support our instructors, and consider ideas from other institutes, member surveys and course evaluations. Contact: Bill Sapper

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