The meeting was called to order at 130p by Caye Wheeler.

Our visitors for today were Susie Bradley, Ann Murphy, Brian Noriega.

Refreshments were provided by  Dave Palmer, Jim Kaehler, Donna Gelband, Jerry Timen, Cecelia Vance and Gertrude Hinsch.  Thank you all very much

Mary Walston will send a thinking of you card to Rose Terenzi

Business Meeting:  Topic for next meeting is still being decided, likely a Q & A

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  1. Today’s Program Presenter: Ms Debra Dander, an Elder Law Attorney from the Tampa Bay Elder Law Center. She was introduced by Dave Palmer. Her topic was Estate Planning and the necessary documents to prepare and have in order before an illness, accident or death occur.

These are

  1. Durable Power of Attorney

Lets you appoint an agent to handle specific health, legal and financial issues.

  1. Health Care Surrogate Designation

Makes medical decisions if principal is unable to do so

  1. Living Will

Express your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event of terminal illness, end stage condition or vegetative state

  1. Last Will and Testament

This is useful to designate beneficiaries when probating an estate; who gets what.

  1. Trusts (revocable or irrevocable)

Lets you avoid probate and/or guardianship


Ms Dander also explained various ways in which seniors can qualify for financial assistance from Medicaid.


Adjourned at 3:20p