The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm by Bob Cappellini

Our visitor today: Monique Madewell
Refreshments were provided by Caye Wheeler and Irene Stachow
Business Meeting:
– Bob thanked all SNUG board members for all their hard work
– Two 8 gb flash drives were drawn at the close of todays presentation as a door prize from our guest speaker, Bob Gostischa.
– Next months speaker is Debra Dandar who will be speaking on Estate Planning.
Today’s Program Presenter: Bob Gostischa, an unpaid representative from Avast Anti-Malware.
Avast recently acquired AVG anti-virus and together they have combined the best of both products.  For now, both names are recognizable, but within 2 years they  will drop the AVG name and solely be known as Avast.
AVAST SOFTWARE (free) protects over 400 million people worldwide and has protected users from over a billion malware threats a year.
Todays Topic: Identity Theft
Interesting facts from todays talk:
Every second, 5 new malware threats are released.
        The website at shows live malware attacks worldwide.­­
It is important to use caution and to use the correct tools when using the internet.  
Use a protected password on your router rather than the default that came with on it. 
        Lists of default router passwords are available on the Internet.
Obtain a free copy of your credit report from the 3 major reporting agencies but stagger the requests quarterly.
Use unique and different passwords on every account.
Beware of good faith fee scams. Nigerian Scams are still very much alive.  
Do not use public WIFI for banking, shopping or e-mail.
Instead, use VPN (virtual Private Network) which creates an encrypted connection.
Always use “custom install ” when installing anything to avoid unwanted toolbars, programs, etc.
Examine permissions carefully when installing apps. (ex: privacy flashlight does not need to access your location.
Keep software up to date,  including operating system. 
        Ninite is a good service to update many programs at once.  (
Avoid contests, fake news and and clicking on unknown link in social media.
Shred all documents that contain any personal information.
Programs to Help Keep You Safe: (details in the attachment)
For those that use Chrome Browser use chrome clean up tool
McShield anti-malware USB protection
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
WinPatrol Plus
Malware also infects 33 million Android phones.  Use avast mobile security – free.
Use a password manager to save all your passwords.  It will keep all your passwords safe.  Ex: Avast Passwords , includes MAC products.
If you enjoyed the presentation,  please email Deborah at Avast.
She can be contacted at  
Go to  for questions on anything written about above, including how to install Avast and links to all the programs Bob mentioned. Bob has included many links to useful resources as well. Check it out. We’ve included this information as an attachment.
Door prize recipients are Richard Kirk and Cecelia Vance.
adjourned at: 300pm