Minutes of SNUG meeting for 1-13-2017

The meeting was called to order at 130pm by President Caye Wheeler

Guests were welcomed: Tim Madden, Bharat Pathakjee, Ken Welling

Refreshments were provided by Penny Noriega, Mary Lou Raterman

Condolences were offered to Bruce Snyder who is unwell.

In the Business Meeting,

  • Coaches are needed for several classes; check the Grid on our website at http://tinyurl.com/zxwu94a
  • Larita Walters offered FitBit bracelets to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, temperature etc. Call 813-983-0018
  • The 50-50 draw was won by Bob Capellini

Today’s speaker was introduced by Wayne Lawrence. Bob Capellini’s topic was “PC and Mac, Some Differences and Similarities” Bob was aided by Frank Weitzman and Jean Dyer.

  • Part 1 listed some Same Things with Different Names (PC first): Task Bar – The Dock; Control – Command; Alt – Option; Shortcut – Alias; Blue Screen of Death – Beach Ball of Death; Ctrl+Alt+Delete – Cmd+Option+ Escape; File History – Time Machine; Control Panel – System Preferences; Recycle Bin – Trash; Exit – Quit
  • Part 2 discussed functions which are unique to the Mac. These have become fewer and fewer recently.
  • Part 3 discussed various Mac FAQs, such as what to do when switching from a PC to a Mac; What’s the difference in price;

Meeting adjourned at 3pm


Submitted by David Henry