The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by Sherry Foecking

Visitors/ New members: Judy Paige Lieberman, Wendy Mutunhu, June Kittay

Refreshments provided by: Kitty, Ray, Thelma, Nance, Irene, and Donna

Cards for: Mary Walston

Business Meeting (topics & motions):

Celia mentioned that the spreadsheet class could use a coach.

Sherry reviewed the parking pass situation. Irene sold the last of the parking passes during this

meeting, so members must purchase them over the summer from Jeanne Dyer at the Olli office.

September meeting – No topic or presenter yet announced.

Room 300 (our present meeting room) may not be available by September due to some remodeling

activity. We will post signs to redirect members if needed.

Today’s Program Presenter: Anthony Murphy

Topic: Converting home movies to digital movies.

Anthony Murphy recently converted some aging family home movies to digital movies. During his

presentation Anthony showed a small sample of the digital movie he and his sister created. It

combined older 8mm footage along with digital transitions between clips with added period music.

Anthony offered an overview of the equipment and the process he and his sister used to create the

movie. Anthony says the 30+ minute digital movie was the result of digitizing, and then editing more

than 8 hours of film. Anthony also answered questions on how the process works for both Macs &


Attendees signed up to receive a handout 'Resources for Digitization of Video' which is reproduced



Amazon “Elgato Video Capture”, Capture Analog Video for Your Mac or PC, iPad and iPhone.$64.95

used, $79.22 new, Primary one with the highest ratings.

Elgato capture on their website () is $99.95 El gato is “the cat” in Spanish

Elgato Video Capture Transfer VHS Tapes and TV to Computer or TV, Brennan’s Tech Bite.5.23.10

This is the one we saw in presentation which walks through the steps to converting VHS to digital

format. 7 min 7 sec duration

4.4.13 Michael want to know the best way to get old Hi-8 into a digital format. There are always

services that do it for you like or local shops…but if you want to get DIY, Hauuppauge

and Elgato have nice devices. 8:33 min duration.

“Capturing Old VHS Tapes to Computer,” Bowlestruck, 5.17.2011 for a DVD 5 min 33 sec duration

“How to put VHS tapes onto your Computer EASY”, Zacks Farm, 5.16.13 Using EasyCap and cheap

parts to link tapes to Windows computer. 4min and a sec

Published on Feb 5, 2015 16 min 37 sec WEBSITE –

Step by step tutorial that takes you through everything you need to know from importing your video

files to producing your finished Movie. It may not be Sony Vegas, but it's easy, free and it works!

16m 37sec

“How to Make a Movie on Windows Movie Maker”, Bennett Frazier, Music is great but no voice over.

Pictures fuzzy. November 30, 2007 Six minutes

Up to date method for how to use iMovie for the MacIntosh. 43:10 duration


COSTCO and Walgreens along with other pharmacy stores provide video services with rapid

turnaround. shows benefits of VHS or DVD to be digitized

– Roxio Creator 10 for Windows for Capturing Old VHS tape

– – I have had DVD’s made from this outfit, and it places its beautiful melody onto

DVD, but one reviewer cautioned that the company can ruin original footage!

Questions? Contact Anthony Antoine0908 (at)

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm