Notes from SNUG meeting on Friday, May 13, 2016 by Mary Walston

Call to order:

President Sherry Foecking called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. after SNUG members enjoyed refreshments and spent some time catching up on the latest news with other members. There was one guest in attendance, Betty Holroyd.


Refreshments were provided by Caye Wheeler, Cecelia Vance, Sherry Foecking, Greg Vawter, and Nancy Sjoberg. Sign-up sheet was passed around for the June meeting refreshments.


Mary Walston, Sunshine Secretary, was asked to take notes in the absence of the SNUG secretary. She was also asked to contact Rose Terenzi who has been absent from our meetings for quite some time.


See Irene Stachow for parking passes for future meetings if you need to purchase them.


Summer classes:

Sherry announced that summer sessions are in full swing now. Cecelia Vance needs coaches for quite a few classes at various locations. Visit > Member Links > Computer Class Grids for details. Please volunteer if at all possible. Experts not required, just bodies!

Election of officers:

The following were elected to office for the 2016-2017-club year:

Bob Capellini and Caye Wheeler – Co-Presidents

Wayne Lawrence – Vice President

Tiki Kirk – Secretary Coordinator

Irene Stachow – Treasurer

David Henry will remain Webmaster, and a program chairman will be appointed by the new board..

Change in meeting room:

Room 300 will not be available in the fall. Rooms’ 328a and b are being combined, and our future meetings will be held there. In the event Room 300 is not available for the June meeting, Room 200 will be made available to us.

June program:

Anthony Murphy will present a very interesting program on converting movies to video.


The 50/50 was won by Jim Springsteen who graciously handed it over to the treasurer to be returned to SNUG.

Today’s program:

The group was taken on a digital learning tour of the USF Media Center where on-line courses and e-books are created for the University. It was most impressive to see what is involved in those operations. We also had a chance to see the new OLLI offices. The remainder of the program had to be postponed until another time.

Meeting adjourned:

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 president Sherry Foecking.



Mary Walston