The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by Sherry Foecking

Visitors/ New members: Bryan Noriega

Refreshments provided by: Carolyn Waters, Gertrude Hinsch, Thelma Austin, Nancy Marsh, Cecelia Vance, David Bronson, Sherry Foecking

Cards for: Rose Terenzi, Cecelia Vance’s (her mother is ill)

Business Meeting (topics & motions):
Sherry reviewed parking passes and encourages everyone to purchase one in advance of the next SNUG meeting.

March meeting: Speaker Abby Stokes will speak at 11:00am on tips for teaching seniors for teachers and at 1:00pm a presentation on making every click count

APCUG’s free 2016 Winter Virtual Technology Conference is scheduled for Saturday, February 20 from 1 – 4 pm EST. To register, go to

Today’s Program Presenter: Dave Palmer
Topic: Fun, Interesting and Just Plain Strange Websites
Attendees received a hand out

Interesting Details: Web of Trust (WOT) will tell you if a website is safe to navigate. Look for the green mark

Some of the sites reviewed:
The Best Fireplace Video(
Crazy Animation(
Worldwide Marine Traffic Tracker(
TECO Electric Outage Map(
Street Art(
Online Jigsaw Puzzles(
Watch for Webpage Changes (, (
Internet Radio: (, (,
(, (
3D Virtual Tours Around the World (

Free Stuff: (kindle) (kindle) (audio)

Atlas ( )
Miniatur Wunderland ( , (

In addition to all the above, a few more interesting sites were also mentioned:
The Way Back Machine
Ted and Ted med
Darwin Awards
News of the weird

For more Fun Learning on the Internet, Penny is teaching a class in March called Coursera, Youtube,and Pinterest. Check out the Evergreen for class day and time
Adjourned at 230pm