The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm by David Henry

Visitors/New members were welcomed: Marian Orlosky, Jean Nixon, David Bronson

Excellent refreshments were provided by: Nancy Marsh, Katy Kotecha, Rose Terenzi, Donna Gilbert, Bob Nixon

Condolences to Sherry Foecking: Her son in law recently had a brain hemorrhage (* and since passed away – Ed.)

Business Meeting

  • USF has made changes to its parking procedures effective immediately. Parking Q&A was led by Ara Rogers.   Scratch off parking permits are available for $2.50 for one time use for parking in D or V lots only. Handicap parking is permitted in closest disabled space with disabled permit and a USF permit.
  • Many classes are in need of coaches for the winter schedule. To see if any classes are a fit for you, the class grid is available at Go to Member links -Computer class grid – Winter.
  • The program for February 12 will be on Windows 10.


Today’s Program Presenter: Bob Gostischa

2 ways of installing a program:

  • Default, avoid this
  • Custom, always choose this.

8 signs that someone may have stolen your identity:

  • Your bank acct shows unauthorized withdrawals
  • Your don’t get your bills
  • Your checks are being refused by merchants
  • You begin receiving calls from debt collectors
  • Your credit report contains unfamiliar merchants
  • You receive bills from unknown medical providers
  • You can’t get health coverage.
  • You begin receiving notices from IRS

If any of these happen, contact

For an additional safety measure, you might consider staggering receiving your free credit reports from the three companies rather than requesting them all at once.

Other programs to help keep you safe: Unchecky, malwarebytes, c-cleaner, Win Patrol.

90 pct of all security incidents are caused by pebkac (problem exists between keyboard and chair) and idiot.

Don’t accept any calls from Microsoft. These are phone support scams. Hang up the phone. Microsoft will never call you.

Passwords: use a password manager that lets you create, manage and safely store your passwords. A good program to use is LastPass.

Shut your computer down completely at least once a week.

Tablets and Smartphones also need protection just the same as computers. Avast is available for mobile devices. Use for android

A vpn will encrypt your information to/from the internet.

If you enjoyed the presentation, let Gracie at Avast know: . = Bob Gostischa


http:// leads to a document that provides links to all programs discussed today. Also a step-by-step on how to properly install an anti-virus program.

Avast free antivirus offers many features to secure your system. It now provides Anti-theft as well as free mobile security. No matter how good a program is, there is no such thing as a perfect anti-virus program.


Adjourned at: 2:45 pm