The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm by President Sherry Foecking    

Visitors/Guests:  Arlene Zimney, Marlene Robinson, Bob Nixon

Refreshments provided by: Nancy Marsh, Rose Terenzi, Mary Walston, Joan Morgan, Donna Gilbert

Business Meeting:

  • Sherry welcomed AppleCore members who recently merged with SNUG. The goal is to address “generic” topics that are relevant to all users regardless of the system.
  • There is no SNUG meeting in December.
  • January meeting date has been changed to Friday, Jan 15, 2016 in order to accommodate our guest speaker who will discuss Avast, an anti virus software.
  • In February, our speaker will address Windows 10.
  • Parking passes can be purchased at check-in for $2.50 and will be valid any day through December, 2018.
  • The OLLI Winter Open House will be held Jan 12 at Centro Asturiano.  Guest speaker will be Gayle Sierens.


Topic I:  Apple Core website presented by Jeanne Dyer

Interesting Details:

Apple has a new operating system every year and a good way to keep up to date with the changes is to take one of the OLLI classes. Or visit You can join by clicking on the Sign Up button at the top right.  Membership will be approved by Jeanne Dyer, then just sign in for future usage.

Some features of this site include

  • Archive of meeting handouts and Q&As
  • Message Board
  • Calendar
  • Pictures and Videos
  • Member list 

Topic II: Q&A Panel with Jeanne Dyer, Bruce Snyder, Myron Thorner, Frank Weitzman

  • Windows 10 download issues.  Doing the upgrade can be problematic. Make sure to take a “system image” backup of all data, and run all security programs before installing. A better option is to do a clean install.  
  • Windows Media Center will need to be purchased for use on Windows 10.
  • How to move photos from Iphone to printer?  Printer must be “eprint” enabled.  Not offered on older printers.
  • What does it mean “a script is still running”. Answer:  wait for it to finish; if not then then stop it.
  • How frequently should one replace a computer? If properly maintained, it should last many years.
  • My backup drive is filling up, what should I do? Answer: Delete your oldest backups.  

Adjourned at:  310pm

Notes by Tiki Kirk and David Henry