The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm by President Sherry Foecking.    

Visitors and guests were welcomed: Anthony Murphy, Joan Morgan, Greg Vawter, Maria Cullen, Jane Galantini

Refreshments were coordinated by Thelma Austin and provided by: Rose Terenzi, Sherry Foecking, Millie & Ed Fleck, Cecelia Vance, Ella McAllister

Sympathy was extended to: Jim Kaehler’s wife, Jackie who is in a hospice.* And to JoAnn Sandersen who suffered broken bones from a fall.**

Sherry announced:

  • The AppleCore group has merged with SNUG and meets with us today for the first time.
  • There will be a board meeting following SNUG next month.
  • Jeanne Dyer is to obtain 20 USF parking passes that will be available to our members for $2.50 each.
  • Coaches are needed for many fall classes. Please check the grid on our member website for vacancies and volunteer if you can via Cecelia at
  • SNUG is in the same room 200A for November.

* Jackie passed away. See Oct 11 post on

** See Oct 8 post on

Program chair Dave Palmer, asked members to volunteer ideas for subjects to present at future meetings. All ideas are welcome. Upcoming meetings:

  • November: Justin Downer to speak on IOS 9 followed by a general Q&A.
  • December: no meeting
  • January: date change to Jan 15 to accommodate our speaker on Avast anti virus software
  • February: no speaker yet
  • March: Abbie Stokes, author
  • April: General Q&A

Dave Palmer then introduced our speaker, Richard Kirk, whose topic was “Stuxnet”. Curious about this unusual word, he searched the Internet and obtained three relevant videos which he showed us.

Stuxnet is a powerful computer worm designed to invade the Program Logic Controllers that are used to control all kinds of industrial processes. Specifically in 2010 it attacked the Iranian plant where thousands of centrifuges are separating out the fuel used in a nuclear bomb. Stuxnet managed to disable over 1000 of these centrifuges.

It’s difficult to find hard facts about this “cyber warfare” tool; speculation has it that it was designed by the CIA, perhaps in cooperation with Israel’s Mossad spy agency. Almost certainly, other cyber warfare tools exist or will exist to attack the electrical grid, air traffic control systems, nuclear power plants, etc. A sobering thought indeed…

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm.