The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm by President Sherry Foecking.

This was the last meeting of the academic year. Next SNUG meeting will be Sept 11.

Sherry thanked those providing refreshments: Kitty Sullivan, Irene Stachow, M L Ratermen, Tiki Kirk, Ray Garcia and Sherry Foecking.

Flyers were available promoting The Hive at the main Germany public library, which offers free access to 3-D printers, sewing, recording and woodworking equipment, with instructional classes.

Program Chair Dave Palmer introduced the panel for our popular Q&A session: Bob Capellini, Jeanne Dyer and Myron Thorner. A digest of the topics covered follows.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10pm

Submitted by Mary Lou Raterman

A. An error message that pops up should be copied into Google for probable explanation. Or describe a problem to Google .

A. Many problems can be solved by following a video in YouTube.

A. All SNUGgers should install Team Viewer, so they can help each other remotely.

Q. How to move a file from an email into a folder. A. Saving a file defaults to the downloads folder, cut and paste into desired archive folder. There is also a setting in the browser that allows choosing save location each time.

Q. I have several files to print, but after the first completes I cannot get the next in queue to start, short of rebooting.   A. Might be a corrupted print spool folder. There is a procedure to delete it and it will recreate it by itself. Contact Myron Thorner or Google it.

Q. What do we know about Windows 10? A. Its available from July 29 as a free upgrade for Win 7 and 8 users, for 12 months.

Q. If I sync my email to my laptop, tablet and Smartphone (1) should deleting an email from one show up in the others? A. Only if you have the auto sync setting on. (2) my Google calendar only syncs some events, not all. A. Try the setting for auto sync with google calendar.

Q. Clicking a link in a Yahoo email doesn’t work. Clicking it a second time works. A. Try using Firefox browser instead of IE. (Ed. It works!)

Q. My laptop is noticeably slower recently. A. Try using Firefox browser instead of IE. (Ed. It works!)

Q. Occasionally, when I wake up my computer, everything is a very large size: icons, fonts, etc.  Can I do anything except shut down and restart? A. Try Ctrl and – Or, right click on the desktop and choose Screen Resolution.

Q. Sometimes I get a picture that is really large and you have to use the scroll bars to see it.  Someone told me there was something on the corner that could make it smaller.  Tried and could not get the double arrow.  Is there something else? A. Open the photo instead in Picasa or PhotoShop elements; they should let you resize it.  Also use zoom (CTRL – or +).

Q. Why does my pointer freeze at random? & What to do with a frozen pointer? A. If it stays that way more than a few minutes, try Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Start Task Manager. If you see that the CPU usage is at 100% try to select the offending high utilization program and End Task. Otherwise you will need to press the power button to begin a shut down, if it does not shortly – hold the button in until it goes off, and reboot

Q. Should I close down my PC overnight? A. Yes, once a week. In between, put it to sleep or hibernate.

Q. I have an iPhone. If I lose it, how do I find it from my PC? A. Go to and click on Archive and Q & A at the top. In the Archive, click on Missing Device.pdf to learn how to locate, play a loud sound or even erase your Apple mobile device using your PC.