Minutes prepared by Florence Antoine.    

Refreshments: Mary Walston, Donna Gilbert, Ray Garcia, Rose Terenzi, Aurelie Lawrence, Kathyrn Quinn

 Refreshment Setup: Richard Kirk, Claudette Kirk

 First time visitors: none

 Business Meeting:

 Meeting called to order by President Sherry Foecking.

  • According to Sunshine Secretary Mary Walston: Donna Gilbert’s husband is in the hospital and Donna has not been well; Shirley Deeter had a heart attack and is in St, Joseph’s Hospital; Marilyn Bartholomew has had brain surgery and is in Brookdale Nursing Home.
  • There will be an OLLI Winter Open House on Thursday, January 15, 9:30AM, at Centro Asturiano in Ybor City. Featured speaker Michelle Bearden’s topic is “On the Front Lines of Faith.”
  • Next SNUG meeting will be Friday, February 13, 1:00PM, in NEC 300.       The program is a “Question and Answer” session.

 Today’s Program:

“Digital Asset Management” was today’s topic. We viewed a video featuring estate planning attorney Steven Wu giving an overview of digital asset management. Following this, local estate planning and elder law attorney Laurie E. Ohall (www.ohalllaw.com) covered additional aspects of this new area of estate planning that is not yet formally recognized by the legal profession. Legal recognition is necessary because of the new landscape of today’s digital world, in which your photos are on your hard drive or in the Cloud, you rent music on your iPod, and your personal notes go by email, text, Facebook or Twitter. To save any of this data for the next generation, you need to appoint a digital executor.

Currently there is a bill pending in the Florida Senate to address the handling of a deceased person’s digital assets. This bill will provide legal means for naming a digital personal representative who can manage a deceased person’s digital assets.

 Ohall emphasized the importance of the following estate planning documents:

  • Durable Power of Attorney: allows appointee to handle your financial affairs if you become disabled, ill, or leave the country
  • Healthcare Surrogate: allows you to designate a person(s) to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so
  • Last Will & Testament: specifies who will receive your assets upon your death


To reduce the frustration caused when searching through a deceased person’s belongings to identify the most important documents, Ohall recommended creating an inventory of assets for your family. This inventory should include the account information of investment, IRA, and bank accounts as well as user names/IDs and passwords for online access to these accounts.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM


Submitted by Florence S. Antoine