The SNUG Meeting was held at the North Tampa Branch Library. President Sherry Foecking opened the meeting at 1:30 p.m. by welcoming members and guests.     

The next SNUG meeting will be on January 9, 2015 at USF. The speaker will discuss digital assets and how to handle them in your estate planning.   Nancy thanked everyone who brought refreshments. Sign-up sheet was passed around for January refreshments.

A SNUG condolence card will be sent for Irene Stachow who fell recently and broke her patella in four places.   Please send a card or call her at 813-784-9639, whether you know her or not. It’s always nice to hear from someone when you’re laid up.  

 Website www.OLLILife.USF is regularly updated with SNUG posts. Look for changes.

 50/50 draw was won by David Henry.

 David Palmer introduced Robin Gibson, Librarian, North Tampa Branch Library, along with her two assistants.  

Robin advised that they no longer teach standard computer classes. However on Monday and Wednesday they have a program called Tech Boulevard from 11:30-12:30. Covers everything from computers to cars.   You can bring in a project you are working on, and they will help you finish it. The program is regulated by digital rights. For every copy they lend, they must pay for the rights to that copy. After a certain period of time or usage, they need to repurchase the right to use that digital item. Project Gutenberg is a good source for free digital downloads of classical books. You can put audio books on your device without having to use CDs. Media available digitally: Books, magazines (some interactive), free music and digital movie downloads. Access all these resources via the ebooks link at .

Stephanie discussed Overdrive. e-books, audio books and movies are all available on Overdrive. Overdrive is a separate entity from the library system. Need a current library card to sign in. Strictly for digital, not for physical books. Check with your device to see what kind of e-book you can download. Can check “available now” at the bottom and see what is currently available.   You can check a box that will check it out for you when it becomes available – only a 72 hour window so this is recommended. Other programs and accounts you will need to sign-up for in order to be able to download materials. e-Books can be checked out for 7, 14 or 21 days; videos, three or five days. Bring your device, plugs, cords, passwords, etc. to Tech Boulevard, and they will help you set up your device to enable access. Can also call the number on your library card and pick the option for e-books and someone will help you. Amazon keeps a list of all the books you have checked out as well as any highlights or note you made in borrowed books.

Mike discussed various other resources. PROJECT GUTENBERG offers all free books, mainly classics. FREADING uses a token system. Tokens are given every week for a month, then they expire and you start over. If a book is not available via Overdrive, it might be available in FREADING. He also discussed three other services available to card holders. FREADING (e-books), Zinio (magazines) and Hoopla (music, tv shows and audio books). Will only work with Kindle Fire, not standard Kindles.

 ZINIO has hundreds of magazines available that you can read on page or download and own. If you subscribe, they will send new magazines as they become available. Back issues are also available. Need to be a library cardholder to access. National Geographic is an example of an interactive magazine.  

 HOOPLA offers movies, music and audio e-books. If you download the app, you can also download an item and access it even when away from WiFi. Limit on time allowed.   Music current, t.v. shows and movies older, PBS, exercise videos and documentaries also available. Downloads reset at the beginning of every month.  

 LIBRIVOX has audio books available. Also you can volunteer to read books for others.

EBSCO host service offers free non-fiction books.

 The meeting was well attended and enjoyed by all. The January follow-up on digital media ownership and estate planning is perfect.


     Submitted by Terry McIvor