The meeting was called to order by President Sherry Foecking.

First time guests:  Nancy Lessard, Kathryn Quinn, Larry Sullivan, Deanna Day, Lucy Ilardo and Jerry Austin.

Refreshments:  Rose Terenzi, Richard (set up) and Tiki Kirk, Thelma Austin, Kitty Sullivan, MaxineRoy.

Gail Parsons from the OLLI Advisory Board advised that now members have a way to communicate with each other through a new facebook page and would like all members to join.  Just log in to your own facebook account, type OLLI-USF in the search box, then click on “join the group”.  (see photos from today’s presentation)

The November SNUG meeting, scheduled for Friday, November 14 will be a field trip to the North Tampa Branch Library located at 8916 North Blvd, Tampa, FL 33604.  The discussion will be on digital software available through the public library system.

Upcoming Event:  Halloween party, scheduled for Oct 31, from 1-3pm at Centro Asturiano.  Call the volunteer office to confirm reservations.  Costumes are optional. Please bring a bag of your favorite candy.

Today’s guest speaker was Anthony Pelaez, Director of Technology at MOSI.
Mr. Pelaez gave a very informative talk on 3D printing and its development over the last 30 years in making 3D solid objects. Currently, MOSI has an exposition showing how several items are built using this 3D process.  

Complimentary passes were offered to all.

Submitted by:  Richard and Claudette Kirk