Meeting was called to order at 1:30pm by President Sherry Foecking     

Refreshments: Carolyn Waters, Bobbie Vanasco, Vincent Martel, Donna Gilbert, Ray Garcia, Rose Terenzi

 Refreshment Setup: Richard Kirk, Claudette Kirk

 First time visitors: none

 Business Meeting:

Cecilia Vance encouraged people to coach computer classes or volunteer for other tasks. There will be an orientation workshop for new volunteers on October 3, 1:00 PM, in NEC.

  • Mary Walston, Sunshine Secretary, reported that the number of requests for sending get well cards has declined from 8 requests in 2013 to only one so far this year. Contact her at if you would like to send a card to someone.
  • There will be an OLLI Open House on Tues, Sept. 16, 9:30AM, at Centro Asturiano. Featured speaker is crossword puzzle creator Meri Reagle
  • Next SNUG meeting will be Friday, October 10, 1:00PM, in NEC 300.       Anthony Pelaez , Director of Innovation at Museum of Science and Industry, will speak about 3-D printing.

Today’s Program:

Andrew Sekela, Supervisor , Tampa Division, White Collar Crime (WCC) and Public Corruption was guest speaker. Because time ran out, Dave Nelson, Supervisor, Tampa Division, Cyber Crime, was unable to present, but will return to talk to SNUG at a later date.

Sekela said that all WCC deal with lies and money including:

  • Health care fraud: check your EOB to make sure that your health care provider is ethical and honest
  • Corporate fraud: company executives falsify financial data
  • Securities/Commodities Fraud: ponzi/pyramid schemes
  • Bank Fraud: borrower submits inflated data on loan application and obtains credit beyond his means
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Wire/Mail Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud: criminals embed stolen credit card information on merchant gift cards Gas station and restaurant transactions particularly vulnerable
  • Fraud against government:
    • Tampa is one of top five U.S. cities with stolen income tax refund fraud. In 2011, Tampa was #1 city in country for SIRF, which is Stolen Identity Refund Fraud
    • Individuals at risk: those who don’t file income tax returns — the elderly, low-income individuals, the deceased, homeless, students, patients in long-term care facilities
  • Mass Marketing Fraud: individual requests payment up front for services that will not be rendered
  • Spear Phishing: individual requests your personal info that is not critical for task at hand


Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM


Submitted by Florence S. Antoine