David Henry called the session to order at 1:30 P.M.  and reminded those present that this is the last meeting until September.    

 David thanked Jim Weiss and his crew for doing the set-up and tear down.   Nancy Sjoberg thanked Rose Terenzi, Vincent Martel, Carolyn Waters and Cecilia Vance for bringing the goodies today.   She passed a sign-up sheet around for goodies for September and made a request for additional help with setting and cleaning up for the meetings.

 It was announced that Computers II & MAC I need students.    Coaches are needed for classes on Facebook, Windows 8 and Android.  Cecilia asked people to check the grid to see if they might be available for coaching these classes.

 Discussion on the Nominating Committee and photos.   Voting was last month.   The new board will be in office in September.  

 Jim Weiss introduced today’s program — the annual Stump the Experts (MAC and Windows).   Frank Zacherl led the panel consisting of Myron Thorner, Bob Capellini and Jeanne Dyer.  Other participation came from the audience.

 MACs newest update will be called Yosemite and will replace Mavericks.    Jeanne Dyer presented information on this new iOS8 update.   Also had a handout on iOS8 and OSX Yosemite.  iOS8 will have an intelligent predictable keyword.   You will be able to verbally set an alarm.  It will allow family sharing of music, books, etc. if on the same credit card.  HealthKit app for various things – mole detect, heartbeat, etc.    Can also send info to Dr. or designee.  Lots of new things coming!  Note:  The update will only be available for iPhone 4S and newer iphones.

 There was also discussion on cloud storage.  Currently, any Apple device user gets 5 FREE GB of storage which can be expanded to 15 GB for $20 per year.  New pricing will be $0.99 per month for a total of 20 GB.

Stump the Experts:

 Question:  How do I send an email to a group of people and have only the name of the one receiving the email who up?  Answer:  Several ways were discussed.  Create a contact in your address book.  Name it undisclosed list or whatever you choose.   Put your email address in it.   List all others as BCC.   Or, put you as contact and all others as BCC.   Undisclosed will let people know you are concerned about their privacy.  

 Question:  How do I transfer information from an old computer to new computer?   Answers:  Suggestion to cable the two systems together.   May need program on how to transfer everything from one computer to another.   Have it done professionally.   Or, reinstall all your programs and transfer information that you still need.  There are lots of considerations when switching computers.  

Question:  How do I send sensitive information by email?  Answers:  Adobe PDF.   A third party piece of software that can give you that security.   Dropbox and Google Drive will enable you to put it in the cloud and then send a link to it.  

 Question:  How do you sign a PDF file that has been sent to you? Answers:  Print document, sign it, scan it and then send PDF to person.   Open PDF in Photoshop, create a picture, sign it and then send it.   Signature apps are also available where you can sign your name on a white sheet of paper.   Hold signature up to camera and it will automatically insert into document.   Open Office will also create a document in Adobe and that would enable you to open document as a PDF, but you would still have to scan it.  

 Question:  When syncing iPhone or iPad to PC, all contacts started duplicating.  How do I handle this issue?  Answer:   To remove duplicate Contacts, go to http://osxdaily.com/2012/06/22/merge-remove-duplicate-contacts-address-book-iphone/  To remove duplicate songs, go to http://osxdaily.com/2009/11/12/remove-duplicate-songs-from-itunes/

 Question:   Do you really need JAVA?  Answer:  There is a difference between JAVA Script and JAVA .   JAVA script is o.k.,   JAVA is a Windows target for hackers.   Turn it off in your browser and then see how many programs will not work.  You can then decide if you need it or not.   Look at program list, open JAVA, click on Security tab, check box that says disable (or turnoff) JAVA.   It will disable in all your browsers, or do it individually in each browser.    Apple suggests leaving it off unless you absolutely need it.   2/3 of exploit kits used by hackers target JAVA. 

 Question:  Is CNet a good place to download things?  Answer:  It has a lot extra things that it offers to install.  To be sure you only get what you want and not something you do not need, always use custom install method and uncheck things you do not want.   ZDNet is another option to CNet.  

 Question:  Is your personal information safe in the Cloud?   Or, do you need an anti-virus for cloud-based information?    Answer:   Yes, you should use a virus protector.  There is a free version of Panda that works well.    With Dropbox, it puts a folder on your computer that has all your cloud-based info.   Virus checking programs checks that folder along with all others during back-up.  

 Question:  What do you really need to back-up to the cloud?  Answer:  Documents or other things that you want to use on multiple devices.   Real estate documents, birth certificates, etc.   If concerned with safety, encrypt before putting into cloud, but be sure the encryption program is safe.  

 Qustion:  Is it safe to get free credit reports?  Answer:   It was pointed out that there was a session presented at SNUG on how to get free credit reports last year.   Check for the government website which offers free reports.  Do not use sites that advertise that they provide them for you.

 Question:  When do you think it’s time to move to Windows 8?  Answer:  Only 14% satisfaction going from Windows 7 to 8 vs. over 50% for people updating MAC programs.   Still minimal support being provided for XP.   Myron recommends going to Windows 8 if you are still running XP, but not if running 7.   8.1 is better than 8. 

 Question:  How do I switch from Live Mail to Gmail? Answer:  Just Google that question and you will get an answer.   When using Outlook Express you are using mail that resides on your computer.   Web based email never resides on your computer.   Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. are in the cloud.  They are not residing on your computer.   Outlook 365 is web-based like Gmail.   Gmail has a very good spam checker.  Can route all your email through Gmail and have it checked for Spam.

 Question:  What do you do when your Windows program has too many programs in start-up and is slowing your machine on start-up.  Answer:  One suggestion is to put it in sleep mode rather than shut it off.   Another is to use a program called Saluto or Advance System Care; they identify cause for slow startup.   Can also look at the programs that are in your start-up and see which you really need there.

 Question:  Do you need to shut-off your computer to get restore points?  Answer:  No.  You can set a restore point yourself.   Restore points are also set when Windows updates itself.

 Question:  Why does system restore not work for me? Answer:  You can right click and say run as administrator.   Google and you’ll get three things to check when restore does not work.   Microsoft fix-it may work.   Run from website and it may fix it.   May also have a resident virus preventing restore from working.

 Helpful hints: 

 If you press F8 during start-up, you will come up in Safe Mode and see a full range of repair your computer options.   Only through Windows 7.   With Windows 8 you need to check Google to see how to turn this option on.  

 When clicking your start button, you can change the default by clicking on the windows orb and pick change properties, you can change to reboot rather than log off.   Go to customize start window and see what else you can do.

 When synching devices, you have to be careful that you do not sync a corrupted file.   You may think you have a back-up, but you may not have one.   Always check.

 Jim Weiss thanked Frank Zacherl for manning the computer and the panel for their answers, advice and tips.  

 The meeting closed at 3pm.


            Submitted by Terry McIvor.