President Sherry Foecking brought the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. Donna Gilbert taking minutes.    

There were no first-time guests or new members present.

 Thanks extended to Jim Weiss for the room set-up, and to Nancy Sjoberg for organizing the excellent refreshments, contributed by Rose Terenzi, Ray Garcia, Ella McAllister, Vincent Martel, Irene Stachow  and Thelma Austin.

 Marilyn Bartholomew is now living at Emeritus Assisted Living located in Carrollwood. Friends are encouraged to call Marilyn when they can.

 Sherry announced the slate of officers nominated for the coming year: President: Sherry Foecking; VP: David Henry; Secretary chairperson: Tiki Kirk; Treasurer: Caye Wheeler. There being no further nominations from the floor, all were voted “yes” by the members.

 The OLLI Annual Meeting took place in the morning. The various chairpersons were introduced at that meeting, and a 5 percent increase in OLLI membership for the year was reported.

 The annual Volunteer Appreciation event will be on June 4 at the Pepin Hospitality Center, with a Roaring 20s theme. Volunteers are invited to come in an appropriate costume.

 Cecelia Vance reported that all Spring term classes still meeting are staffed with coaches. The Summer ’14 grid is posted at, and coaches are needed for those classes.

 There being no further announcements, speaker Dave Palmer presented on Cybercrime and Malware.

 Topics covered: definition of cybercrime—involves a computer and a network.

Malware is malicious software.

 Cost of this activity to victims and society worldwide is variously estimated at $500 billion a year. 

There is a business side to cybercrime:

  • The consumerization of cybercrime.
  • A cybercrime industry hierarchy
  • An underground economy
  • Many kinds of malware, and the threats have escalated dramatically over the last 5 years. These crimes are difficult and expensive to investigate and prosecute; they often go unreported. Laws that govern them are outdated. The high tech criminals are well-organized and professional in their methods. And the rewards of this crime are in high dollars. 


  • There has been an explosion of potential targets of cybercrime; even home security systems and some home appliances are targets of cybercrime perpetrators.
  • Do not use your computer in “administrator mode.” Create an identity for your own use. Working in “administrator mode” is like leaving keys in the ignition of your car.
  • Do not click on links imbedded in messages. Re-type the link in your browser and connect to determine its legitimacy.
  • Use Web of Trust at on all browsers to warn of low-reputation sites.
  • Do not use Adobe Reader; use Sumatra PDF or instead.
  • This presentation was jam packed with practical information and advice from speaker Dave Palmer.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 3:40. No board meeting followed.