APCUG’s FREE 2014 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) will be held on Saturday, May 3, from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Eastern Time. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via a chat window.     

Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/apcugvideos.

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 If you would like further information, send an email to virtualconferences@apcug.org

Spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to your members. VTCs are a great way for your members to expand their technology experience and be introduced to new skills.

Below are the sessions that are currently scheduled.


This link is where you can view the presenter bios and, after the conference, you can download the handouts and get links to the videos.





Photoshop Elements

Jim Evans, APCUG Director, Vice President, Greater Cleveland PCUG

That picture has been photoshopped! Or maybe you have been photoshopped. Adobe Photoshop is considered the gold standard for editing digital photos. From removing, adding or adjusting parts of the photo; Photoshop can do it all, but at $600 plus, it’s over budget for most people. What’s the alternative?


For less than $100, you can get Adobe Photoshop Elements and have more than 90% of the features of Photoshop. Jim Evans, Greater Cleveland PC Users Group & APCUG will give us an overview of Photoshop Elements. He will show how to use layers (think of parts of a pizza) to clean up and edit your photos and turn them into works of art and treasured family photos.


Printers / Printing – How Printers Work, Hints and Tips

Jere Minich, Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society

The inside scoop on how printers really work and how you can maintain control.


Linux Wins the Desktop in 2014

Orv Beach, Sr. Linux System Admin @ St. Jude Medical Center

Orv will discuss why 2014 is the year that Linux starts to win the desktop, which is the final Linux frontier. “Linux won. The penguin has achieved world domination, and the usual commentators completely missed it even after years of predicting it because it’s not something that happened in a single flashy event, but rather has been the product of years of hard work and steady improvement,” he said, quoting his friend Carla Schroeder, at Linux.com.


Annual Meeting

Join President Marie Vesta and the Directors and Advisors for APCUG’s annual meeting. Your group belongs to APCUG; become informed as to what is happening with the organization. Sandy Hart will give the annual treasurer’s report; Patty Lowry will give a membership report as will the various committee chairs. Judy Tayour will give a report on the Board of Advisors. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of any of the directors or advisors via the chat window.




New things in Mavericks + How to maximize the benefits with your iDevices

Kyla Lupo, Smart Again Tutoring

Should you upgrade to Mavericks? Have you already, but haven’t mastered all the tricks? And what about those iDevices? Join Kyla for an informative and interactive session on Apple’s latest desktop software update, Mavericks, as well as how to maximize the benefits with your iDevices.


De-Mystifying Windows 8.1 and the Latest Update

Lee Laughner, APCUG Director, Instructor, Computer Club of Green Valley

This presentation will help de-mystify Windows 8.1, the Operating System everybody loves to hate, and why on earth should you bother accepting the latest April 2014 update?


Creating a Website in WordPress

Tamera Rousseau-Vesta, Award-Winning Digital and Community Manager at Extreme Networks

Do you want to create a great website for yourself or your user group? What about using WordPress? It’s not just for blogging. This presentation will show you how easy it is to put one together.

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