One of the pleasures of working with OLLI is the interest, care and
concern members often show for one another and for the OLLI staff. It is
with this in mind that I share some sad news. Our colleague of many
years, Joseph McAuliffe, lost his mother Millie on February 13 of this
year.–Ara Rogers      The McAuliffe family has strong ties to Syracuse, NY and
nationally due to the prominence of Joseph’s brother Terry, the
recently-elected governor of Virginia. So it is no surprise that
Millie’s passing was a particularly newsworthy event. Here’s a link to Millie’s obituary, a wonderful tribute written by Joseph; and a link the story that ran in the Washington Post.
I hope you’ll join me in expressing OLLI’s condolences to Joseph and
the McAuliffe family and in celebrating Millie’s rich and eventful life.