Chair Trevetta Wunderlin called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.    

She welcomed first time attendee Linda Harre and returning members Sara Tillis & others.
She presented a program on “Obituaries”.
Obituaries are considered a secondary source of information.. Accuracy depends on the knowledge of the informant. Look at other records to confirm the information.

 Information that obituaries may contain:

Name and age of deceased, date & location of death, birth place, & where they resided.  Names of family members, survivors and deceased.

Religion, interests and affiliations of the deceased. Memorial services, suggestions for memorials The funeral home with burial or cremation, etc of the remains.

 Let them speak to you.

Obituaries give clues to future research. They can help locate other family members. Verify the data contained. Remember to cite your sources!

 She presented examples of historical (1890’s) & current obituaries & discussed them.

 A list of where to find obituaries was given.

 Submitted by Trevetta Wunderlin, Chair of G-SIG