This is Caye’s update on her son David’s accident. Search for earlier posts on 11/2/2012 and 1/9/2013.    

Happy New Year from cold and snowy WY. I am sorry to have to miss our SNUG meeting. I will be in Tampa Jan 23rd so will be at the next meeting in Feb. I hate to miss a meeting but particularly one on Facebook.  I have a love, hate relationship with it. I have not been on in a long time because it is such a time sucker.

We are spending time helping our son with everyday life. In March he will be going to a rehab hospital in Colorado for evaluation. He is able to work part time at the ski school so that is a gift. He is still in severe pain, which is a problem for all of us but we hope there will be help in CO. After that I will be home in Tampa for a good long while. See you soon Caye

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