Dear Fellow Mac or Apple Devotees:
If you are setting up your calendar for 2014, this is a notice and reminder that our next meeting of MacROS is on Friday, January 17th
Room 328A of the NEC Building
1:30 PM.     
        The program will be:

Combining Applications to tell a story   (or anything else you wish)

If you have been using some of the   standard software that comes with the Apple computer, – programs such as   iTunes, iBooks, iPhoto, Pages, Keynote, iMovie, QuickTime, Garage   Band – you may have already noticed not only the unique features built into each application, but equally important, just how easy it is to combine   these applications to help you create an e-book, a podcast, a movie, or a professional presentation which you can proudly share with   others.

Our speaker is Louise Kienast. She   teaches music in her home through piano lessons, and has used many of these   Apple software programs in her teaching. She also has used these programs as a   way to learn, share, and enjoy life more fully.

In addition to Louise, Jeanne Dyer will present  two Apple Bytes and our entire Mac Committee will be prepared to respond to questions.

Note. If you do   not already have a parking pass, please get in touch with one of the ladies at   the Registration Desk before the 17th and obtain a pass for the day. Call   813-974-2403, option 1.

        Hope to see you on Jan, 17th. Happy New Year. 

        On behalf of the MacROS Committee.
Bruce Snyder Voice 813 715 0690 iPhone 813 428 0603 or