Chairman Trev Wunderlin opened the meeting. Six people were in attendance. She announced that we will continue meeting at the Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church in 2014 but will need a different room in February.    

 Trev handed out programs which included an upcoming event:

Thursday, December 19, 9:30 AM  –  December GSIG Meeting –

David Hoffman will speak on “How to Volunteer on Genealogy Projects”. He is the chairman of the Florida Genealogical Society & is in charge of the downtown library’s “Ask A Genealogist” opportunity on the first Saturday afternoon of every month.

Today’s speaker was David Boyett, a retired law enforcement officer & coordinator of 4 DNA projects of families from the Virginia Colony in the 1600’s. His topic was “Genetic Genealogy – Understanding Your DNA”.

DNA Testing Labs:

Family Tree DNA:


National Geographic:



Types of Tests:

YDNA:  Male lineage, surname projects

mtDNA FGS:  Female Full Genomic Sequence Test

Autosomal:  Chip Based Male/Female Chromosome Test

 The YDNA test (37 markers) is standard for male surname testing. It tests markers on the Y chromosome. Upgrading to more markers will give a clearer picture of relationship to others in the surname project.

 The female test will be more general, as in “Seven Daughters of Eve”, & give area of origin of the subject tested. Mitochondrial DNA is used to trace maternal linage, passed to both sons & daughters, but only the daughters carry mtDNA to the next generation.  As mtDNA changes slowly, it is hard to predict when a common ancestor lived. It will give a clue to ethnic ancestry.

 Autosomal DNA covers the branches between. The test uses the other 22 pairs of chromosomes. If you want to determine a certain anthropological group, order a DNA Print Genomics’ Ancestry By DNA <>. 

       Submitted by Diana Kelley, Recording Secretary