The SNUG meeting was called to order by President Sherry Foecking at 1:30 p.m.  She announced that the OLLI members Christmas Party will be held on December 6 from 2-4 p.m. at the USF Gibbons Alumni Building, Sago Drive.       The next SNUG meeting will be January 10, 2014 in NEC 300.  The winter edition of Evergreen is due to hit our mailboxes soon.  There will be a SNUG Board Meeting today after the general meeting.  David Henry requested that anyone having knowledge of someone passing away, sick, hospitalized, etc. to please notify him and Mary Walston.  Frank Weitzman was recognized as an official OLLI photographer and manager of the OLLI photo website.   

            Sherry thanked the set-up committee, Richard and Claudette Kirk, Cecilia Vance and Jim Kaehler, and also those individuals providing refreshments, Claudette Kirk, Rose Terenzi, Jim Kaehler, and Jean Trotten.  First time visitors Mary Signorelli, Joan Norton and Ginger Birgette introduced themselves to the group.  Mary Walston won the 50/50 drawing.

            Dave Palmer presented a very interesting program on “Safe Holiday Shopping on the Internet.”   Some of the key points of the presentation included the advisability of using a password manager, never reusing passwords on multiple websites and never letting your browser “remember” passwords.  Never click on links in emails, go to the website or webpage yourself.   Security is very important.  Be sure your operating system is up-to-date.  A program that can help keep your programs updated is Secunia PSI.  Use firewalls and spyware.  Always be sure to backup your data. 

            Never shop from open wifi hotspots or public, unfamiliar computers.  Practice safe shopping.   Use a separate credit card with a low limit for shopping, a virtual disposable credit card number, prepaid or gift cards or Pay Pal.   Never use a debit card online.   Another option is an inexpensive computer used exclusively for banking and shopping.  Never use it for web browsing or email.

            Dave talked about the need to create strong and memorable passwords.   He suggested 15+ character passwords with upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.   Use the first letters of a familiar quote or saying for your password; anything that you can easily remember, but that is hard to guess.  Password managers recommended include Last Past, KeePass, Direct Pass, Roboform, Norton and PasswordSafe. 

He also discussed sneaky URLs that trick you into clicking where you shouldn’t.  Be aware of all parts of the URL and make sure it is the address you are looking for and not a duplicated address with minor changes.   Be alert!

Two of Dave’s charts were posted on this site dated Nov 11.