The annual committee retreat was held on Friday, September 20, 2013 at 10am at the Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club Board of Directors Conference Room. The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, William Stanley, Nancy Stuart, Shirley Deeter and Nancy Marsh.    


The following members were absent: Fred Barthmus and Sheldon Busansky


The following staff member attended: Ara Rogers


The following guests attended:  Ray Ann Favata, Chair, OLLI-USF Board of Advisors and Jane Applegate, Incoming Curriculum Committee Instructor Support subcommittee chair.


The following agenda items were discussed:


1.  Welcome and Introduction of Guests:  Nancy Marsh assumed the duties of Committee chair from Bill Sapper and welcomed the members and guests. Bill thanked the committee members and the OLLI staff for their cooperation and assistance during his tenure as Chair. Nancy gave an overview of the agenda and outlined her goals which included: (a). increased interaction with the USF faculty and graduate students (b) increased interaction with Tampa and Hillsborough  government agencies, and (c) fewer one shot classes and an increase in Part II and follow up courses.


2. Summer OLLI Conference: Ara attended the conference at Duke University. She reported that the conference featured Faculty Support issues which included instructor training, course evaluations and follow-up. She feels that the recruiting, training and supporting of our instructors are crucial to the success of our program. She also mentioned that Duke does surveys of faculty which is a good idea. Our staff and committees might do well to solicit information from our instructors, In addition, it was suggested that our OLLI establish an Instructor Support Committee.


3.  Faculty Support: Jane stated that she would like to receive feedback from the committee. She distributed a questionnaire entitled “ OLLI Faculty Support Discussion ”(attached), which solicited considerable feedback. She also distributed a handout entitled ”OLLI Faculty Support Opportunities” (attached), which generated additional input from the attendees. One item that generated considerable feedback was that of the problems associated with the use of technical teaching equipment by instructors. It was suggested we might consider establishing a SIG-like organization called the “Faculty Conversation Group,” which could hold workshops addressing instructor issues and providing more feedback, especially for first time instructors. It was also agreed that such workshops should be held quarterly, perhaps before or after each semester.










4. Focus Areas for the Board of Advisors:


 Ray Ann distributed a handout entitled “OLLI Organizational Chart 2013-2014” (attached). She explained the organization and answered questions concerning the functioning of the Board. She listed her three Board initiatives for the coming year;

 (a) Increased communication among the various OLLI committees,

 (b) Increased marketing of OLLI and its courses.

 (c) The 20th Anniversary celebration of our OLLI chapter.


She also distributed a listing ot the many Special Interest Groups that exist at the University of Georgia OLLI chapter (attached). She suggested we might get some ideas from their various offerings.


5. Summary: Nancy summarized the meeting as follows:


(a)     Faculty support is very important. The committee will assist Jane in this effort.

(b)   OLLI-USF community interaction will be emphasized.

(c)    Course structuring will be evaluated. Scheduling, venue selection, parking, timing, as well as other factors, will be reviewed in an effort to maximize enrollment and retention.

(d)    Committee descriptions should include individual responsibilities of members, replacement of lost members and refreshing of the ranks with new faces.


6.  Committee member comments:

Will: What is the administration’s position on the issue of gifts to instructors at the conclusion of courses? Ara stated that the administration neither prohibits nor encourages the practice. She feels strongly that it should not be the duty of the class administrator to collect funds to purchase a gift. If the students want to do something, such as take the instructor to lunch, there is no objection to that..


Nancy Stuart: Is our committee helping to take the work load off Joseph? Ara replied that the committee is helpful and Joseph welcomes our help.


Nancy Marsh: Are we happy with the software Continuing Education is using? Ara replied that it works well for registration but not so well for volunteer tracking.


Shirley: She is worried about the Windows program instructor shortage for introductory courses.

Her committee members seem to be more interested in teaching and learning about more currently popular devices and programs.


Nancy thanked the members and guests for what she felt was a very productive meeting.


The next meeting will be held October 4.


The meeting adjourned at 2:58 pm.


 Respectfully submitted,




Will Schneider