This note was received from Bob Capellini:

Hi Cappy:
It was good to hear from you. Joan and I are both 87 and still hanging in there. We do drop golf in the summer, but for a couple of weeks we have been teeing off at 8:30 for just nine holes. We are off the course around 10:30. We are about to drop even that until Fall weather returns. I have acquired some “senior” aids for golf. The handicap flag on the golf cart allows me almost eliminate walking, and we tee off from the Super Seniors Tees….you probably know them as the Ladies red tees

Life is pretty much around taking care of Joan. Mostly doctors appointments, daily eye drops, grocery shopping and helping her in and out of bed. I am most grateful that she is in no pain. She remains in great spirit.

We now have 7 great grandchildren with 2 more on the way. What is it about the Irish???

Best regards from both of us.