nullMeeting was called to order by VP David Henry at 1:30 p.m.

Thanks to Jim Weiss and Donna Gilbert for the room set-up. Thanks to Cecelia Vance and Marilyn Bartholomew for staffing the sign-in desk. And thanks to Marilyn, Donna, Rose Terenzi and Nancy Sjoberg for refreshments and set-up.

First-time guest, Susie Bradley, was welcomed.

The phone number for the new computer classes coordinator, Penny Noriega, is (813) 974-8037. Unfortunately, Penny was attending an OLLI Board Meeting and could not be present for the SNUG meeting.

David reminded us this is the last meeting for the 2012-2013 year; SNUG will resume meetings the second Friday of September, 9/13/2013.

The nominating committee presented the following proposed slate of new officers for a vote:
President Sherry Foecking
Vice-President David Henry
Secretary Josie Dowd
Treasurer Caye Wheeler

The secretary will rely on substitutes for taking minutes as needed; they are Mary Lou Raterman, Florence Antoine, Gail Benton and Nita Howard.

Donna Gilbert moved that the slate of new officers, as proposed and presented by the nominating committee, be accepted by acclamation. Bobbie Vanasco seconded the motion, which was voted unanimously.

The annual summer meeting of the newly-elected officers will be held on August 9 at 10 AM in room NEC117 of the OLLI Offices.

Speakers for the program were introduced by Jim Weiss: Eric Olsen, Deputy Chief Investigator, Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Agency; and Debora Brown, Investigator, also for the HCCPA.

Eric explained the purpose of the HCCPA is to identify unfair and deceptive business practices; then, they may conduct mediation between a complainant and vendor. If a criminal action occurs, the agency will conduct an investigation. Presently, a large number of cases involve the regulation of pain management prescriptions, as well as personal injury claims.

Some of the current efforts are related to synthetic marijuana products and locksmith scams (escalating charges much higher than estimated or projected charges when the locksmith shows up).

Ms. Brown’s portion of the program focused primarily on internet crimes, one of the fastest growing categories of consumer fraud. She pointed out that Florida ranks second in the nation for the number of victim complaints involving the internet, and number one in the nation for identity theft incidents.

These are some of the facts introduced by Ms. Brown: 1) Caller IDs on your incoming telephone calls may be fraudulent; don’t rely on them; 2) Scammers are using social media such as Facebook, Google Maps and Craig’s List to lure potential victims; 3) Invitations to download some software may actually deliver malware; 4) “Big bargains” such as items listed on Craig’s List may very well be “too good to be true”; beware! 5) A request to fill out a credit application—or anything that asks for Social Security or credit card numbers or other sensitive financial information—should be considered suspicious.

Any internet transaction asking for payment by debit card, personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or a wire transfer should be examined for the “padlock” symbol to check that the site is encrypted, an indication of safety.

The importance of checking your credit reports annually was emphasized. A free web site to contact is

Many handouts were offered included a list of web sites to contact regarding internet fraud or cyber crime; tips for avoiding identity theft; how to freeze your credit report; and many others too numerous to list.

The program concluded at 3:15. David Henry announced there would be no Board Meeting following the regular meeting.

Submitted by Donna Gilbert