Some 100 OLLI volunteers braved the Hurricane Andrea storm to renewed classroom acquaintances at a breakfast meeting June 6th at the Embassy Suites, USF.      In keeping with the theme of “OLLIWood” we were greeted by Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts and John Wayne lookalikes (Marcie Cuesta Locke, Ellie Cuesta Almand and Anthony Vento)
Following the invocation we were served breakfast, after which Staff Director Ara Rogers delivered a formal welcome and appreciative remarks. Door prizes were then distributed with practically everyone receiving a gift.

OLLI’s Roll of Honor is for those instructors who have taught ten or more courses. The three volunteers inducted into the Roll for 2013 were Rodney Coleman, introduced by Bill Sapper, Nancy Marsh introduced by Bob Capellini, and Don Menzel introduced by Kay Menzel.

Many thanks to the Volunteer Management Committee and the Social Events Committee for their joint efforts in organizing this successful meeting.

Photos taken by our peripatetic photographer Fred Barthmus may be viewed here.