Ruth was the wife of Les Kizer, a sometime instructor for SeniorNet at USF, predecessor of OLLI. “Ruth was promoted just before four this morning, June 4, 2013. “–Les Kizer     Last night, Lee and I were singing hymns, and Ruth was obviously trying to sing with us. And as Lee and I said the Our Father, we knew Ruth was with us.

Carol, her Peekskill daughter, was here over the weekend to see her mother. 

The nurses said Ruth had a sugar low after three. They were working to get her sugar up. She was awake and articulate conversing with the nurses. She had a cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of chocolate ice cream and two glasses of orange juice. Then she turned and looked up and said, Pick me up.” All very peaceful. That is probably as much food as Ruth has eaten in two days and she was actually talking. The cause of death will probably say heart failure. Don’t believe it. Diabetes is the real cause. 

This morning at four, Lee and Becky took me to see her. We had our tears and prayers and gratitude. You know, some people have a facial expression of peace that surpasses all understanding. Ruth had that relaxed facial expression.

You may not know that Ruth was hospitalized with diabetes in October of 1990 for eighteen days. When she was discharged, Ruth was given 6-12 months to live. Our Lord granted her much more, over 22 years. This gave her time to know and love two grandchildren dearly.

Somehow I expected her to live a few more days. Our 60th wedding       anniversary in June 6th — also known as D-Day. I kept telling her she had to hang on for the party.

In many ways, God has blessed us. Physically, after seven deteriorating months, Ruth needed to go  home.

Thank you for your prayers.

God bless – Les