This is Stephanie. My invincible Charlie had a heart attack (100% blockage to one of the major arteries) and thanks to 2 stents and a medical team, he is twinkly eyed and getting some rest in the ICU at TGH.      He had been having intermittent chest pain for the past several days but had convinced himself it wasn’t heart-related, so it wasn’t until it worsened that I took him to hospital at 330 this morning. There has been quite a bit of damage to the heart muscle. They also discovered another partial blockage on the other side but  the doctors aren’t ready to deal with that yet.
You may share this with OLLI friends as appropriate. No visitors until he’s out of ICU and I don’t know when that will be.
I’ll keep you posted, as I’m headed back to TGH now.
Stephanie  5/24/13