Chairman Trev Wunderlin opened the meeting. Twelve people, including the speaker & 4 people new to the group, were in attendance.      The new people had interests spanning the country. Trev announced upcoming events:

     Saturday, June 1 – Florida Genealogical Society meeting at the downtown library. Rebecca O’Sullivan will speak on “Sanborn Maps”. Preceding that presentation, 3 special interests group meet – Brickwalls & Beginning Genealogy, DNA, & a Computer Interest Group.

     Thursday, June 20 – GSIG monthly meeting. Instead of a speaker, attendees are asked to bring their questions & success stories to share.

     Saturday, October 26 – Florida Genealogical Society Annual Seminar. J. Mark Lowe will speak on Making a Research Plan, Finding Land Transactions, Cemeteries, & Brick Walls. 

George Morgan (an internationally recognized genealogy expert, author, & speaker, & the president of AHA Seminars) spoke on “New Ways to Research Your Roots”. His presentation & handouts covered the following & suggested specific resources in each category. 

* Technology – search engines, thousands of genealogical websites, new databases being added to commercial databases each month, genealogy software programs, & new apps for iPhone & iPad

* Blogs

* Wikis

* Digital Books

* DNA testing services

* Podcasts & Talk Radio

* Webinars & Online Training

* Videos & Recorded Webinars

* Social Media (Facebook, Twitter,

* Understanding What You Get


Submitted by Diana Kelley, Recording Secretary