The Better Business Bureau wants to warn people about a new computer virus making its way around Middle Georgia and holding computers hostage.       It’s called the FBI Ransom Scam. It’s a virus that can stop the computer and won’t let a person access any information.  A message appears on the screen that states the person has violated federal law by either downloading or disturbing copyrighted content or viewing porn. The only way the computer user can regain access is to pay the ransom fee which can be hundreds of dollars. The malware can implant itself when a person clicks on a pop up window or an unknown link and may go undetected for a day to a few months. When it appears, it locks the computer. Even rebooting the system won’t allow a person to access their desktop. The Better Business Bureau suggests if a person’s computer is infected is to take it to an I-T specialist. Also, to prevent the virus, the BBB suggests people to keep their anti-virus software up-to-date and to not click on unknown web links.