Meeting was called to order by President Frank Weitzman at 1:30 p.m.       Chuck Hale and Nancy Sjoberg were thanked for the refreshment set-up. Refreshments were provided by Gertrude Hinsch, Mary Walston, Donna Gilbert, Caye Wheeler, Nancy Sjoberg and Rose Terenzi.


First-time visitors: Dave Palmer, Macalyne Fristoe and Judy Balber.


Nancy Sjoberg passed a sign-up sheet to bring refreshments for the May meeting. Three more are needed. 

Cecelia Vance reported that upcoming classes are well-supplied with coaches now. 

Speaker for the May SNUG meeting will be Jerry Edwards from the USF School of Aging Studies. And for the June meeting, the topic will be “Security and Scams.”

A link to the OLLI photo collection can be found at the web site, maintained by David Henry.

Jim Weiss introduced the Q&A program by distributing a collection of questions and answers for our use after the meeting.  Frank Zacherl provided assistance at the computer with images projected for the audience.

Shortened answers to the following questions asked by the audience follow:

Q: How do you do a system checkpoint manually?

A: Go to  Control Panel + System + System Protection.  At bottom of window: Create button.  Note:  Drive protection must be turned ON.

Q: How can I use a themed slide show as my screen saver without it disappearing when I turn off my computer?

A: Click on this link Windows slideshow screen saver

Q: When will Microsoft stop doing security updates for Windows 7?

A:  Probably many years from now since M’soft is still providing security updates for Win XP although they have dropped other support such as new updates.

Q:  What causes the cursor in the body of an e-mail being written to jump to another place?

A:  Because you probably inadvertently clicked on another spot on the screen.  Dragging the palm of your hand on the Touch Pad of a laptop computer is one common reason.   Touch pad sensitivity can be adjusted on some computers.

Q: Can the speed of a USB port be speeded up?  

A:  You can purchase a faster USB card for a desktop tower.  For a laptop go to How to Change a Laptop USB 1.0 to a 2.0 port using the PCMIA slot

Q: What is an express port slot on a laptop?

A:  See Express card for a Laptop

Q: When a photo is sent to me in an e-mail, and it shows up as a box with a red “x” how can I open it?

A:  You can’t.  The problem is with the sender.  Suggest simply using REPLY or REPLY ALL to tell the sender that there is a problem with the email sent out.

Q: How can you change a large picture file to a smaller size so you can save it?

A:  See Changing Photo File Size

Q: As PC sales seem to be dropping precipitously, are we going to have some SNUG programs on computer sharing using tablets?

A:  Good idea.  This request will be forwarded to the Program Chairman. 

Q:  A lot of PC users are now using iPads. Are we going to have a class?

A:  This also a good program idea.  You might find such a program being offered by the MAC Users Group also.

Q:  What is a “pay-as-you-go” hot spot?

A:  See your cell phone company for different prices for device and rate plans .    T-Mobile now has a no contract device for $149 and can connect multiple devices.  TruConnect has another no-contract device.

Q:  Can you pin a Google calendar to the task bar?

A: Try this:

  1. Open your Google Calendar and copy the URL.  Make sure the “Stay Signed In” check box is checked.
  2. Right-clk on Desktop and select New + Shortcut
  3. Paste the URL you copied in step #1 above
  4. Click Next button and name your shortcut “Google Calendar”
  5. Click the Finish button.
  6. Now drag the new shortcut to the task bar.
  7. Delete the shortcut from the desktop

Q. How can I recover a deleted file?

A. dbl-clk Recycle Bin on desktop, then drag “deleted” file out to desktop.


Open Windows Explorer; dbl-clk Desktop; dbl-clk Recycle Bin; drag “deleted” file to destination folder.

Q. Please discuss pay-as-you-go hotspots.

A. See your cell phone company for prices for device and rate plans. T-Mobile now has a no contract device for $149, and you can connect multiple devices. TruConnect also has a no-contract plan.

Q. Can I learn about switching from a PC to a Mac?

A. Indeed you can. Read

Q. Explain the difference between Sleep, Hibernate and Shutdown.

A. Go to

Q. When you point on the Task Bar, how do you get thumbnail pictures of open files instead of file names?

A . Rt clk on Desktop and choose Personalize; then choose Aero Themes.