A look at some exciting developments in the practice of medicine was presented to OLLI members and guests attending the Spring Open House Tuesday, March 9.       Dr. Stephen Klasko, MD, PhD, the dynamic and personable Dean of the USF College of Medicine, painted a picture of many fascinating technical advances in the medical field, and also of effective programs and efforts to help medical schools produce doctors with both the will and the ability to relate well to patients.

The open house took place in the new building downtown called CAMLS – the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation.  This is a special unique building USF has created, full of state-of-the-art facilities for training medical personnel, featuring technology to simulate situations such as surgery and emergency procedures in a realistic way.  This allows trainees to learn to do a procedure without having to try it for the first time on a live patient, and to experiment with perfecting methods without harming anyone.  Medical personnel already are coming from other parts of the country to learn in this building.

The many OLLI members and guests who attended were treated to delicious cookies and coffee (the building has a café that offers an array of specialty treats), and conversed with each other and with OLLI faculty members before moving to a large auditorium for the program.  Joseph and Ara presented the OLLI courses for the Spring term, and introduced some of the faculty.  Pat Spencer spoke about the cruise she is helping to organize to celebrate the coming twentieth anniversary of OLLI…Mary Ettinger O’Donnell