This message was received from Morrey Grymes:

This morning, I received a phone call from an unlisted number from someone, with an Indian accent, claiming to be from “Windows Technical Support.”       It occurred to me that MicroSoft would identify themselves as well as their number on any caller I.D. system if they were the ones making such a call.

They said there were problems with my PC and they wanted to check it out. I asked if they were from MicroSoft and they said “No. Windows Technical Support”

They wanted me to go online if I wasn’t already there, and click  Start/Run/Eventvwr and they would lead me from there. I told them I was busy at this time and asked for a number to call them back when I was available. They said no, and asked when they would be able to call me back, I said in an hour. Three hours passed and I received no call.

I looked Windows Technical Department up online. Apparently, it’s a prevalent scam. Though it’s been around for years, I’ve never heard about it before. My guess is that they are trying to gain access to one’s computer so they can steal information from it. Regards,Morrey