Trevetta Wunderlin, chairman of the group & program chair, opened the meeting at 9:30. She noted that meeting minutes are posted at      Nine people were in attendance including 2 people new to the group: Vivian Wilson & Rhoda Garcia. Rhoda’s special topics of interest are Quakers, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania – dating from the 1600’s. Trevetta gave a brief review of some of her family history & noted with pleasure that the Family Search database now includes an obituary index for the Pekin (Illinois) 1914-2007 newspapers. 

Trevetta announced, & had handouts regarding, 2 upcoming opportunities:

1)   On Saturday, April 6, the Florida Genealogical Society will meet at the downtown Tampa library. Drew Smith will speak on “Effective Online Queries”.

2)   On Saturday, April 13, the Imperial Polk Genealogical Society will hold a seminar in Lakeland. Lisa Louise Cooke is the speaker.

Diana Kelley noted that, after getting a heads up from Trevetta several months ago, she is now attending meetings of the Swedish Interest Group, as well as classes, at the Largo Library.

 Trevetta’s handout included a look at future meetings.

            Thursday 4/18 – “Florida Pioneer Descendants Program & Other Legacy Societies” (Amy Lay) – room 306 April only

            Thursday 5/16 – “New Ways to Research Your Roots” (George Morgan)

            Thursday 6/20 – Members bring questions & success stories to share.    

Ann Palmer, senior librarian at the Florida Genealogy & History Library within the downtown Tampa library, spoke on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. Following are some of the highlights of her 3 topics. 

1)     How photos can help/hinder family research.

                        * She used sample pictures to illustrate the family details that can be gleaned from old pictures. We’re all lucky if photos are identified on the backs. She recommended networking with others both within & outside the family. Some people have special information, such as from a copy of a book not widely printed, that they will share.

                        * She had pictures of an ancestor Phebe, one with friends including someone not in the family. Ann put the picture on the Roots Web Genweb database under the appropriate state & county. Eleven years later, the granddaughter of Phebe’s friend contacted her.                       

2)     New ways to document family history with photos.

            * Ann showed us her notebooks of completed family history & how she had used photos within them. Where are some people to leave this wealth on information? State libraries or those in the pertinent area may accept a collection of ledgers, pictures, diaries, etc.

            * She was fortunate in finding an old family trunk which included a diary covering 1897-1921. She used entries from there to verify information gleaned from the pictures.

            * Ann noted that in very old pictures, boys may be misidentified as girls because of the frilly clothes they might have worn.

            * Don’t forget to include pictures of tombstones, pets, homes, churches & other buildings, signatures, maps showing where people lived, furniture & other family artifacts, yearbook photos including what was said about the person, old letters, etc. Very old tombstones may become illegible over time.

              *Share photos with everyone in your family. It can stimulate memories.

 3)     Salvaging/enhancing old photos that are in poor shape.

Ann uses Photoshop to restore old pictures. She showed a number of before & after photos to illustrate improvements.


Respectfully submitted, Diana Kelley, Recording Secretary