The Meeting was called to order by president Frank Weitzman. Rose Terenzi, Cecelia Vance, Maxine Roy and Nita Howard were thanked for bringing refreshments. Charles Hale and Jim Weiss were thanked for the room set-up.    

Peter Thomas, Irene Stachow and Ed Brill were welcomed as first time guests at SNUG.

Next SNUG meeting will be April 12 at 1 pm in room NEC 300 and will be a Q&A session.

Jim Kaehler introduced Sherry Foecking and Kitty Sullivan as speakers. They reported on the 2013 FACUG Computer and Technology Conference and Camp, held at the Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort, February 25-28, 2013.

 Major topics covered during the Conference and reviewed by Sherry were Computer Technology: including MAC user discussion groups; iProducts and their uses; General Technology: The Cloud; Technology Toys; Social Networking; and technology for the home; Digital Photography covering the many aspects of making the camera work as a tool; and many other topics of a non-technical or semi-technical nature.

 A 9-day Royal Caribbean cruise is planned for next year’s conference.

 Meeting was adjourned at 3pm.