Meeting was called to order at 1:30pm by President Frank Weitzman.      Cecelia Vance and Marilyn Bartholomew were thanked for staffing the sign-in desk.

Refreshments were provided by Marilyn Bartholmew, Josie Dowd, Rose Terenzi, Nancy Hirkel and Nancy Sjoberg.

Milly and Ed Fleck, along with Dorothy Whyte, attended for the first time.

Jim Weiss was assisted by several others in the set-up of the meeting room and refreshment tables.

The need for a few coaches for remaining Winter Term classes, including Shirley Deeter’s digital camera class, was announced.  

A refreshments sign-up sheet for future meetings was passed by Nancy Sjoberg.

Jim Kahler introduced Chris and Jim Guld who presented their “Geeks on Tour” program,  focusing on Facebook, what’s new with using Facebook, and many practical tips on Privacy Settings, blocking game apps, and blocking friends asking you to join in their games without “unfriending” them, for example.  Even how to deactivate your Facebook account was covered.

The audience was invited to “like” Geeks on Tour at their Facebook page.

Following an enthusiastic Q&A period, The Gulds awarded the complete Geeks on Tour DVD, a $49 value, as a door prize to first-time attendee Dorothy Whyte.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Donna Gilbert