The meeting was held on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 10am at the USF OLLI Meeting Room. The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Shirley Deeter, Nancy Marsh, Nancy Stuart, Jean Amuso and William Stanley.    

 The following members were absent: Fred Barthmus, Sheldon Busansky

 The following staff members attended: Joseph McAuliffe, Ara Rogers

 The following guests attended: Pat Spencer, Membership Committee and Cruise Planning Group.


The following agenda items were discussed:


1.  Welcome: Bill gave an overview of the agenda and welcomed Pat Spencer.  He reminded the members of the upcoming Open House.


2.  Approval of minutes: Jean moved that the November minutes be approved. William seconded. The motion carried 7-0.


3. Subcommittee Reports

a. Jean Amuso, Electives Subcommittee:  The Subcommittee did not review any courses over the holiday season. Jean is hoping to increase her subcommittee roster.  She mentioned that she had spoken to Mary Jane Saunders, President of FAU, who has an OLLI chapter presenting 200 courses each semester. Nancy Stuart mentioned that the FAU chapter made a presentation at the OLLI Regional Conference. FAU has a $200.00 semester fee which allows unlimited courses. Mary Jean suggested our chapter dialogue with FAU. Bill said we are studying various course fee options.


b. Shirley Deeter, Technology; Windows Computer Training Subcommittee: Windows 8 will not be presented until the fall semester. Software is not yet purchased. Shirley is trying to fill the void left by the departure of Heidi. Donna Gilbert is providing considerable help on a volunteer basis.


 c. Nancy Stuart, Humanities and the Arts Subcommittee: Her subcommittee is working on three courses for the spring semester. New instructors will be teaching The Affordable Health Care Act and Basic Chinese. Tom Bird, an experienced instructor, will be teaching a new course on poetry.


 d.  William Stanley, History & Political Science Subcommittee: William will meet with the Rodney Coleman lunch group to finalize the outline for the April course to be presented at Tampa Palms.


  f.  Nancy Marsh, Technology: Macintosh Computer Training Subcommittee: The iPad introductory   course is scheduled for the winter semester. The students will be required to bring their own iPads to class. She is in the process of having all the Mac instruction upgraded to the Mountain Lion operating system.


4. Discussion of Potential Courses for the OLLI Cruise: Pat and Ara discussed the plans regarding scheduling courses aboard the ship. Ara feels that the announcement of popular instructors and courses will attract more members to the cruise. She will work on that. It was agreed that perhaps the best plan was to schedule a two hour class on each of the mornings and afternoons on the days at sea. Pat is coordinating with the travel agency. She has tentatively booked 50 staterooms. She distributed the flyer announcing the cruise. She agreed to make a few minor changes to the flyer as suggested by the committee. One bonus of the group contract will be a free stateroom for every 16 paid staterooms. She suggested we try to provide free staterooms for our volunteer instructors. Will asked if we would open our classes to non-OLLI passengers. He suggested we have the cruise director include our courses in the daily bulletin of ship activities. Pat suggested we invite the other Florida OLLI chapters on the cruise. Ara will announce the cruise and Pat will distribute the flyer at the Open House.


5. Staff Reports: Joseph is focusing on the Open House. He hopes to get several press releases. He feels the Open House marketing needs to be more aggressive. He hopes to attract in excess of 25 new people to the Open House.


The next meeting will be held on Friday, February 1.


The meeting adjourned at 11:57 am.


 Respectfully submitted,





Will Schneider