Chair Trevetta Wunderlin called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.     First time attendees, Maxine Roy and Nicholas Felicione were introduced & welcomed to the meeting.

Diane Kelley volunteered to assume recording secretarial duties, beginning with the February meeting.

Trevetta announced upcoming meetings & Seminars in the area.

Drew Smith will speak at the February 21st meeting, the members chose “Effective Online Queries” from his list of topics.

This was a member participation meeting.

Trevetta handed out copies of “Climbing the Family Tree” by Gene Block, published in the St. Louis University alumni magazine “Univeritas” Fall/Winter 2012 issue.  Mr. Block learned a great deal about the history of St. Louis and met relatives he or his wife did not know previously.  He left a legacy for his children & grandchildren.

Diane Kelley suggested contacting the oldest person in a line and interviewing them.  She was able to go back 4 generations in her father’s line.  She also suggested writing letters of inquiry to “Resident” of a last known address of a relative, this would be of value in an area where people stay at an address for a long period of time or if you query was about the history of the house.

Maxine Roy & her sister vacationed together and recorded their life story.

Jim Jessop has written two different family newsletters for several years.  He has taught genealogy classes in Michigan for 25 years.  He helped a friend trace people listed in a family bible.  He passed a handout, “Stories to Tell” with a list of objects in his house and told us the story of each object.

A discussion of using DNA to aid in you research was held.

We also discussed using and using databases available through the Hillsborough Public Library using your library card at home or at any Hillsborough County Library on their computers.

The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

Trevetta Wunderlin