Before deciding to upgrade your  PC to Windows 8, please check the following.–Bob Capellini   

Walter Mossberg in today’s Wall Street Journal, 1/9/13, p. D1 –  recounts his efforts to upgrade two computers with Windows 8.   He worked for hours trying to install the upgrade.

On  page 2 –  He   has these  4 suggestions:

1)      Don’t try upgrading any machine older than two years, preferably one year.

2)      Dig around in the manufacturer’s site before buying the upgrade to make sure the company supports your  model for Windows 8 use.

3)      Run the Upgrade Assistant first.

4)      Even If  your PC is supported  for Windows 8, be prepared to spend time applying patches, and following complicated instructions.  One HP document on the upgrade process runs to 29 pages when printed out. 

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