This is an update on Caye’s son who had a nasty accident. See post dated 11/2/2102.    

Dearest Donna,
Thank you for thinking of me.  Don’t mean  to have folks worrying but our days have been full. 
Son, David has had Physical Therapy at TGH Monday thru Friday until this week.  We are now down to Mon, Wed, Fri.  On off days Dave and I take turns going with him to the Y.
He works so hard to do and take care of himself but continues to need much help.  Bowels and bladder are still a problem so it limits outings, etc. 
He has come so far but has miles to go.
He still gets infusions of antibiotics 3 times a day.  It means one of us gets up early or goes to bed late as we take turns administering the meds.  This will finish in two weeks and we all look forward to the end.  
He has seen 7 different physicians since his arrival in Tampa, 
Between Dr appts and PT it has been busy.
This is getting better as PT has been reduced and Dr visits will be fewer.
He has been using a walker more than his wheelchair but it’s painful to watch.  There is still no sensation in lower left leg but they are teaching him to use it to ambulate.
Also, he is just “uncomfortable” in general and it’s hard for him to get comfortable.
He’s had lots of friends and cousins visit, which he loves but it really exhausts him.  As you can imagine, being the independent outdoorsy guy this is very difficult emotionally and we’ve all had to deal with mood swings and emotional changes.  Hasn’t been easy but we all are working at keeping things on an even keel and continuing to love each other.
Things are progressing and I am looking forward to getting back to USF and all my OLLI buddies.  Will miss the Open House but will be at the SNUG meeting.
I was even able to have a day with my horse and riding friends last weekend!  My friends have been keeping him tuned up for me.
The kindness of friends and neighbors has been overwhelming.
Our lives have changed but we are all looking to get back to our old
Thanks for caring.  We really do need to have that glass of wine someday!