The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Shirley Deeter, Nancy Marsh, Nancy Stuart, Sheldon Busansky, Jean Amuso and William Stanley.    

 The following members were absent: Fred Barthmus


The following staff members attended: Joseph McAuliffe


The following guests attended: Rhonda Trainor, Lisa Anne Conner and John Wheeler.


The following agenda items were discussed:


1. Welcome and Introduction of Guests from the Leadership Class: Bill welcomed the three guests and spoke briefly about the OLLI Leadership Program.


2.  Approval of minutes: William moved that the September minutes be approved. Nancy Marsh seconded. The motion carried 8-0.


3.  Strategic Planning Committee: Bill reported the committee has two major projects; (a). Impact on USF-OLLI of increased membership. The current level of 950-1100 is good, given our current staff and facilities. (b) Course pricing strategy.


4. Leadership Program Status: Bill provided an update on the first meeting. Nancy Stuart spoke of the Leadership Program manual, passed around a copy and solicited ideas anyone might have for inclusion in the manual.


5. Conversation Café: Nancy Stuart explained that the café involves group discussions on a topic, using methodology that allows all attendees to participate. The concept is being considered for use at USF–OLLI. Lisa Anne reported that Eckert College OLLI is holding a conversation café which she will attend and report back to the Leadership Committee.


6. Subcommittee Reports

a. Nancy Marsh: The Mac Spreadsheet course did not take. She suggested we make an effort to recruit professionals for the summer quarter. The iPad course will be presented in January. She reported on a new challenge that will involve updating to the Mac operation systems.

b. Sheldon: He has a course proposal for a course entitled Exploring Hillsborough County Wild Lands. He is setting up a meeting with the instructor. He mentioned the course may involve considerable walking. The committee discussed the issues of safety and exertion levels.

c .Nancy Stuart: She is working on a course to be presented by Tom Bird entitled Romanticism.

d .Shirley: New computers have been installed at Lake Magdalene. The old ones will be relocated to the gold room. The photo class has a waiting list and will be presented again next term. She mentioned we should try to get teachers to enroll in computer classes during their summer recess. Lisa Anne stated that the HC library system offers free computer courses. Shirley is considering  



offering a tablet course. Nancy Marsh suggested we survey the members to see which tablet is most popular.

e. Jean: The Electives Subcommittee approved the following courses: Mountain Dulcimer by Karen Brown-Blonigen, who will present a Friday lecture on this subject next month, Living with Integrity with Rabbi Dubrowski, of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, and the revised Golden Nuggets of Life course by Ray Shuster who will also present a Friday lecture prior to the scheduling of the course.


7. Courses under Development: Joseph reported an all-time high in the number of course offerings, 53, fifty of which have taken. As of today, eight courses have sold out. There is a new venue, Florida Hospital. In reply to a query concerning course pricing strategy, Joseph remarked that while some venues charge OLLI a classroom rental, some, such as the assisted living facilities, pay us to present courses at their facilities. Joseph mentioned cross-pollination of curriculum courses. For example, combine History and Science. Rather than a pure Science course, label the course as a course on Science History. He mentioned that course wording is very important in making the course attractive. Rhonda reported she had heard at the Jacksonville OLLI conference that some chapters have found that changing the course title and description has caused poorly subscribed courses to take off. Joseph suggested we should look at the course title and course description through the lens of marketing.


The next meeting will be held on Friday, November 2.


The meeting adjourned at 11:33 am.


 Respectfully submitted,





Will Schneider