The meeting  was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by President Frank Weitzman.     

Thanks were given to Jim Weiss for refreshments set-up; to Marilyn Bartholomew and Cecelia Vance for the check-in and welcome desk; and to Gertrude Hinsch, Terri McIvor and Nancy Sjoberg for refreshments. 

First-time visitors: Careen Best, JohnWheeler and BillSchneider , currently secretary of the OLLI Curriculum Committee. 

Business Matters

Caye Wheeler’s son, David, is recuperating well from the many injuries sustained during a paragliding (not parasailing, as previously reported) accident. Caye and her husband are still in Salt Lake City near the hospital and will be there until David is able to be released for further rehabilitation. Anyone interested in David’s progress can follow the postings on, the web site maintained by member David Henry. 

Upcoming Events

OLLI registration for classes is still open and some classes are yet to begin. Students can still register for empty seats, and some coaches are still needed, especially for MAC classes, JayHall’s g-mail and iPhone classes. 

Annual OLLI picnic will be held October 25 at the USF Botanical Garden. 

November SNUG Meeting

The next SNUG meeting will be held November 9 in NEC 300.  The topic will be the new WINDOWS 8 operating system from Microsoft. The presenter has no affiliation with either Microsoft or CompUSA, a former employer, and he will make a very objective presentation about WINDOWS 8.



Long-time OLLI member and instructor, Myron Thorner, presented an in-depth look at “free” software, supported by Power Point. The “pros” and “cons” of such software were examined. Along with specific pointers, Myron recommended using CNET or ZDNet as reliable web sites to use in accessing “free” software.  There were many caveats identified in the process of choosing, downloading, and installing freeware. 

For example, sometimes “free” refers only to the downloading process. There can be charges attached to the actual installation and use of software advertised as “free.” 

Types of “free” software included were Open Office (used by many in place of MS Office);  anti-virus, such as AVG; photo editors, and PDF writers. 

In summary, Myron advises that you search thoroughly and do “due diligence” to avoid bogus offerings; use reputable download sites; and don’t use anything presented that you didn’t look for in the first place. 

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned by Frank Weitzman at 3:10.

 Respectfully reported, 

 Donna Gilbert