Present:  Ara Rogers, Director

Committee Members:  Charlie Delp, Shirley Griffin, Bettina Harvey, Nan Kutcher, Dena Leavengood, Sally Ordway, Pat Reilly, Pat Spencer

Leadership OLLI Guest:  Bill Swartz

 The focus of the Retreat was to review and evaluate the two goals (and deliverables for each) that were voted upon at the last Committee Retreat in November of 2011.  These goals were set with a two year time frame, so we have until August 2013 to accomplish them completely. 

Evaluation of Goals:

 Goal One:  Reorganize the Committee to better meet our mission

 The majority of members present graded our progress on this goal as a “B”.

Most of the deliverables on the action plan have been accomplished, with the following exceptions:

 Need to identify the various jobs that Committee Members perform and to write a  job description for each

  1. Need to make sure each Committee Members has a job assignment
  2. Need to recruit active, involved members for the Committee

 As a result, a brief description of the ten jobs listed below will be written, to include the following:


*what is the job?

*why is it important?

*what resources are needed? (time, materials, people, transportation)

*what are the specific steps to follow?

*who reports to whom and when?

*what permissions/notifications are necessary (as in creating a press release or any member communication)?




  1. Welcome      guests at OLLI Open Houses, events, and Friday lectures.
  2. Follow      up on the Guest Forms collected at each event by phone or email and report      results.
  3. Committee      presence at expos, health care fairs, and other events attractive to our      target audience. Report and evaluate results.  
  4. Communicate      with new OLLI members via e-blasts within early weeks of their joining,      then mid-way through the term to assess satisfaction.
  5. Coordinate      with other OLLI committees by attending their meetings.
  6. Continue      recruitment efforts in the classes by visiting the larger ones mid-term to      make the recruiting pitch (ask class members to recruit with trifold      brochures and solicit speaking venues). NOTE:  Steps to take and suggested talking      points will be provided.
  7. Provide      editorial and other assistance to production of Evergreen and other member      communications.
  8. Establish,      maintain and coordinate media contacts via the publicity team.
  9. Recruit,      orient, and train new members for the Membership Committee.
  10.  Recruit new OLLI members with a focus on      increasing diversity (see Goal Two below)


Each Committee Member currently assigned to one of these jobs will write the job description using the guidelines listed above.  Timeline will be set at next Committee Meeting on October 26.


Summary and Plan for Goal One:


Revise Goal to read: Improve the Functionality of the Membership Committee


Rationale: The committee reorganization has been completed and consists of two elements:  Recruitment and Retention of OLLI members.  The old Communications element has been incorporated into these two.



  • Committee      elements will continue to meet together as one on the 4th      Friday of each month, 9:30-12:00.       Charlie Delp will continue as Recruitment sub-Chair, and Retention      will seek a sub-chair as that part of the committee adds new members.
  • Additional      members for all elements of the Membership Committee will be recruited,      and consideration may be given to those who may not be able to participate      actively, but are willing to assist the Committee on projects or in an      advisory role.
  • Write      job descriptions for each of the ten Committee functions (jobs) listed      above and ensure that all Committee members have an active role in at      least one of the functions by (date?) Committee members currently      performing jobs listed will write that job description; other items will      be assigned.
  • Provide      additional training and orientation for new Committee members as needed.


Goal Two:  Expand Outreach


Members present graded our progress on this goal as a “C”, but we must bear in mind that we have until August of 2013 to work on the deliverables identified at the last Retreat.  This goal will remain in place, and most of the deliverables will be retained from last year’s plan with more specific implementation plans.  These are:


*Expand speaking engagements to twelve by August, 2013. 

Several venues are already scheduled for the fall, and implementation of Job #6  in the list above, will help make sure the request for Speaker’s Bureau venues is a consistent practice in the OLLI classes. This should result in sufficient venues to meet our goal.

Two of these speaking engagements will target audiences in the African American community and others which will advance our diversity plans.


*Improve effectiveness of using other OLLI members as recruiters.

Again, using our Committee members in Jobs 5 and 6 above will ensure that we are getting our message to other OLLI committee members and to members enrolled in classes and study groups.

Each Committee member will be encouraged to visit one OLLI class per term to make a short pitch for recruiting and speakers venues (or do so during a class they may be taking), and will attend one other committee meeting per year.  

  • Maximize use of Evergreen and media contacts to promote OLLI, attract new members, and retain current ones. Continue to work on Evergreen and utilize the OLLI News section to strengthen recruitment and retention. Create articles which feature members and encourage interaction. Initiate “Topic of the Quarter” feature starting in the  Winter Evergreen to promote member feedback. 

*Identify and target key organizations for member recruitment. 

Partners like the History Center, Carrollwood Cultural Center and others have members who are our target market.Though members at some of these locations can take classes there without joining OLLI, we could still conduct membership drives to broaden participation.  Other ideas were:

International Chambers of Commerce, AME Ministers, Interfaith Ministers’ group, Moffitt’s diversity group.


 These goals and deliverables will be refined at upcoming meetings.