The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Fred Barthmus, Shirley Deeter, Nancy Marsh, Nancy Stuart and Sheldon Busansky.    

 The following members were absent: Jean Amuso and William Stanley


The following staff members attended:  Joseph McAuliffe


The following guests attended: Don McNair, representing the History & Political Science subcommittee and Pat Renfro, representing the Electives subcommittee.


The following agenda items were discussed:


1.  Approval of minutes: Sheldon moved that the July minutes be approved. Shirley seconded. The motion carried 9-0.


2.  Overview of Agenda & Chair Comments: Bill welcomed the guests and thanked them for their participation. He related his encounter with Michigan law enforcement officials. He was released on his own recognizance.


3.  Information items:

a. Profile of USF-OLLI members: The committee reviewed the survey results.

b. Role of the class assistant:  The class assistant cannot be expected to operate and repair in class technical equipment. Don commented that instructors need to be able to operate the equipment they use.


4. Training Videos: Bill had forwarded the videos to the committee members. Fred said that the videos were consistent with the material he covers in the instructor orientation program. Sheldon feels the videos were well done but could be compacted a bit. Shirley is considering doing videos for computer class coaches.


5. Subcommittee Reports:

Pat: Her subcommittee is working on a course to be presented by a rabbi who will cover history rather than religious content. It was suggested there are perhaps too many language courses being presented, many by the same instructor. The consensus of the committee was that if the courses fill, they should be offered.

Nancy Stuart: She reported that a new course, Quintessential Buddhism, will be presented in the fall. The subcommittee is considering one  other new course.

Don: He reported on a two courses. Plato & Aristotle is being offered in the winter. His subcommittee interviewed Philip Coates, who will be teaching Clear, Forceful, Effective Writing, a grammer course that will focus on writing descriptive and persuasive paragraphs. He raised the issue of homework being a disincentive to student enrollment in some courses. Fred agreed that




some students shy away from homework assignments. If homework is a requirement, it should be so stated in the course description.

Sheldon: Gail Parsons is developing a course that would involve a tour of Hillsborough land sites, involving naturist issues, Audubon participation, etc.

Nancy Marsh: She suggested we use USF graduate students as instructors and guest speakers. Her committee is working on several new courses. She reported that Bruce Snyder will be presenting a Mac spreadsheet course. The subcommittee has formed a Mac Special Interest Group which will meet quarterly. All Mac students have been invited to join the group. She mentioned that there are requests for an iPad course.

Shirley: She announced that courses for the winter Evergreen must submitted before our next committee meeting. She reported the new computers have been installed at Lake Magdalene. Instructors can visit the lab to familiarize themselves with the new computers. Windows 8 will be taught next year. Teaching Windows 8 will involve a major change since that requires touch screen monitors.


6.  Learning in Retirement Jacksonville OLLI Conference: Fred and Nancy Marsh attended along with the OLLI staff. Nancy mentioned that different OLLI chapters use different models. For example, some OLLI chapters use the university professors to teach classes. Fred mentioned that some chapters conduct trips which require considerable planning and are quite expensive. Bill feels we should try to revive the Day Trip Program. He noted that it requires considerable talent to put the trips together. He suggested we try to find a volunteer with experience as a travel professional to run the program. Fred suggested we seek out such skills at the Open Houses. Fred raised the issue of aging instructors. He said that this is an issue throughout the national OLLI community. Joseph said he has addressed this issue on a limited basis. Fred suggested we watch the course evaluations to identify problem instructors. He went on to suggest that instructors should do student introductions at the first meeting to get a feel for the class makeup. Fred mentioned a concept used at the University of Kentucky OLLI which involved an all-day session to tackle a specific problem area. Bill suggested we plan to do such a session this winter here at the OLLI office. Nancy Marsh mentioned a concept in which an OLLI course would have a course coordinator who would put together a series of guest speaker presentations. Will suggested such a concept would work well when conducted at the venue of the interested organization much along the lines of the course held at the Johnny Bird Alzheimer’s Institute, which features a series of lectures by members of the Institute staff.


7.  Pro bono Instructor Agreement: The committee feels that the agreement, which is used at UNF, is not a good idea for our chapter.


8.  Discussion Items:

a. Fall semester: Joseph reported that we have more classes than ever. The Open House is a good place to advertise courses. OLLI members should be encouraged to bring guests. The next Open House will be at the Museum atrium which seats in excess of 200. The first three rows will be reserved for instructors.

b. Leadership kickoff: September 21, 9am. Details to follow.


The next meeting will be held on Friday, October 5.


The meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.


 Respectfully submitted,





Will Schneider