Bob is retiring from OLLI. He is one of the oldtime SeniorNet members, a former instructor and long time coach in the computer classes. He sent the attached note to Bob Capellini.

Hello Cappy, 
I haven’t checked if you were doing Picasa again, but I am still having trouble with my heart.  I am not able to work with you as I am completely weak and have no energy.  This has been going on since last March and I have seen so many doctors, who all want to take a shot at me.  I am going to retire from OLLI after over 15 years of complete enjoyment.  I learned how to use my computer, taking SeniorNet classes.  It has been fun all the way and you and others have been a great help to me. 
I am doing this reluctantly, but now, trying to take care of my own health has become Number One.  I wish the OLLI programs much success in the future…Bob