The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Fred Barthmus, William Stanley, Shirley Deeter, Sheldon Busansky and Jean Amuso.    

 The following members were absent:  Nancy Marsh, Nancy Stuart. 

The following staff members attended:  Ara Rogers 

The following guests attended: None 

The following agenda items were discussed:

 1.  Approval of minutes: Will moved that the June minutes be approved. William seconded. The motion carried 7-0.

 2.  Overview of Agenda & Chair Comments: Bill reviewed the new process by which volunteer hours are calculated.

 3.  Information items:

a.  Jacksonville Leadership Conference: The conference, to be held July 25-27, will be an assembly of southeast OLLI leaders. Fred and Nancy Marsh will make a Mac Program presentation to the conference. They will emphasize adjustments to be made to the changing computer training environment. There will be a pre-conference meeting on July 18 at 10am.

b.  Leadership class: Several members have signed up. Bill stated that several of the committee members are signed up. The topics to be discussed include; briefing on the organization of OLLI, field trip planning and guest speaker scheduling.  Specific meeting dates have not been decided.

c.  Renaissance Program Enrollment: Jean made a brief presentation on the history of the program and the current status. There are 98 students enrolled, 19 have completed the program requirements. The Advanced Program has two graduates. Jean feels the program provides an incentive. Sheldon remarked that the recognition is also important. There is thought of forming a discussion group of enrollees and graduates. Jean would like to see instructors push the program to their students and suggested Joseph do an email blast. Sheldon suggested the program description in the Evergreen be simplified. Will suggested the program be mentioned at

Open Houses.

d.  20th Anniversary Activities: Several suggestions are being discussed, including the development of a photo scrapbook. The anniversary festivities are planned for 2014.

e.  Boomer Conference: Will attended the conference. It consisted of panel discussions and vendor tables. The emphasis was, of course, on the joys of aging. Will was not particularly impressed since he does not agree that being old is better than being young, which seemed to be the consensus of the panelists and vendors.

 4. Subcommittee Reports:

Jean reported that the Italian Cooking class is set to go. Her subcommittee plans to give added support to their instructors. She discussed three upcoming classes; Golden Nuggets of Life for your Grandchildren, Zumba and Tai Chi. Sheldon saw a disconnect in the title and content of the Golden Nuggets class. The committee agreed that perhaps the course should be renamed. The course content was approved by the committee 6-1 with Sheldon dissenting. The other two courses were approved 7-0. 

Sheldon has completed the formation of his subcommittee. It was agreed that his subcommittee will be named “Science and Technology”. His goal is to find interesting instructors and devise more friendly course titles and descriptions.

Shirley said that there has been discussion concerning getting new computers. She also suggested we link up the Story Writing class with a Microsoft Word class. 

Fred offered his instructor training services to the subcommittees. Eleven new volunteers attended his last volunteer orientation session. The Mac subcommittee is meeting today and has developed a full array of courses for the upcoming quarters. Fred remarked he would like to see Friday lectures back on campus.

 5. Discussion Items: Membership Survey: Ara distributed and discussed the Member Survey results. She mentioned that she has heard that students want more vigorous course content. She also mentioned that beginning this fall, there will be a separate web page for Mac courses.

 The committee will not meet in August. The next meeting will be held on Friday, September 7.

 The meeting adjourned at 12:02pm.

  Respectfully submitted,

 Will Schneider